Tips To Start Your Business

33,828 ViewsSince you are reading this article, I assume that you are interested in doing business or you are thinking of starting a business. According to the usual rules, I would not say that you should start a business with some capital. Yes, capital is needed to start a business,Continue Reading

why do you do business?

26,832 ViewsMany big business are often started from small business. Some start in the small range or some in the larger range. It is often seen that the start of a big business was started with a simple idea. I mean to say that you can’t be a big businessContinue Reading

The seven plagues of anger

8,613 Views So you guys , at last came to my blog to read something ?? I hope you are sure about what you are going to read by seeing this heading. Right ? So what I was saying is that anger is one of the common emotions of people.Continue Reading