Month: July 2019


List Of All Public Universities

360 ViewsAfter passing Higher Secondary School ( which is known as H.S.C ) Examination most of the students in Bangladesh started trying to get themselves admitted in a reputed public university. Choice differs from student to student. But in maximum cases some public universities are always in the top favorite choice list of these students. […]

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Infographics | 2019

502 ViewsInfographics is a path to present your useful information in a simple animated way. I just tried to set a simple infographic way here. Let’s check. <3

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Motion Graphics

Rath Yatra | Motion Graphics | 2019

531 ViewsRath Yatra 2019 . A very simple motion graphics. Let’s check it out. <3

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Photo Manipulation

Dragon Wing | Photo Manipulation | 2019

989 ViewsEditing photos is really a great happiness to me. In my leisure i edit many photos. However, i know these are not so professional but whatever i am what i am and no one is like me right ? hahaha <3 <3

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Most Popular Earning Websites | 2019

1,538 ViewsFor many purposes of our daily life the number of websites on internet is increasing day after day. Again everything is becoming technology dependent. Various facilities of uses and as a way of earning popularity of websites is increasing rapidly. Many people earned through their website/blog. Today my main topic to giving focus is […]

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