most followed instagram accounts

239 ViewsGuys, before going to start this topic let me say something about Instagram. You may know that Instagram is the sixth most popular social networking site in the world. This social site had launched on October 6, 2010. Just in 9 Years it got users around 1000 million. AnContinue Reading

645 ViewsThis is our Bangladesh, the land of natural beauty. Nature has arranged itself in every place in this country. One of the unavoidable signs of this beauty is our national park Lauachara. The real natural beauty you need to visit. Hey guys welcome back to Today, ion thisContinue Reading

Laxmi Puja

441 ViewsLaxmi Puja – The Greatest & Most Popular Festival of Sanatan Religion. This festival day is celebrated every year on Kojagori Purnima ( Full Moon ). Most Popular Festival Of Sanatan Religion Hei Guys Welcome back to . Today. in this article i am going to share informationContinue Reading


514 ViewsDurga Puja – The Greatest and Largest Festival of Sanatan Religion. It lasts for 5 days. These days are celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. People started moving from one to another Puja Mandap to see Goddess Durga. These days bring a good festive look among us. HiContinue Reading

5+ Best Search Engines

906 ViewsAs technology developed we become very much dependent on it. For many purposes of our daily activities we need to do a search through internet. The thing that helps us to find data while we are searching is called search engine. A search engine generally provides information which isContinue Reading

The World's Most Youngest Billionaires | 2019

557 ViewsIn every single step of our lives we use technology. Rather you can say that we are very much technology dependent. Only one reason behind this is today’s technology has the power to make people enjoy their time. No matter where you are, no matter where you are living,Continue Reading