5+ Best Search Engines


As technology developed we become very much dependent on it. For many purposes of our daily activities we need to do a search through internet.

The thing that helps us to find data while we are searching is called search engine. A search engine generally provides information which is related to your search.

There are lots of search engine now. But the funny thing is we know a few of them. Today in this article i am going to discuss about most popular search engines. Lets see-


DuckDuckGo, another American web search engine, is located in Paoli, Pennsylvania. A very nice and stylish search engine. Personally I love it. Here you can search anything like google. DuckDuckGo provides facilities of searching web, images, news, maps.

Specially when you are going to search for a picture through it, it will show you many options of searching this picture. You can select picture sizes, picture types and many things when you are searching for a picture through DuckDuckGo. An amazing search engine indeed.


Aol, sixth most popular search engine, an American online service provider. Do  you know the meaning of AOL ? Full meaning of AOL is America Online.  

This search engine was founded by Marc Seriff, Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, William von Meister in 1983 as a corporation. Later it was upgraded.

N.B : At the very beginning of its starting online service of CVC ( Control Video Corporation ) was known as Gameline.


Ask.com, an American multinational company , was founded by David Warthen in 1996 ion California. It is actually a question and answering website. But it works like a search engine.

Form ask.com you can get many websites URL related to your search. Just not this, you can search for video through this search engine.


Here comes the fourth most popular search engine. Yahoo, a search engine which was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. Yahoo is not just a search engine, it is provides many features like google. Let us see some services of Yahoo.

Services provided by Yahoo – Yahoo Mail, web portal, Yahoo News, Yahoo! Answers ( it is very popular to the  internet users ), online mapping and many more.

Yahoo specially its mail service was very popular on that time because Google was founded after 4 years  of yahoo.


The third most popular search engine that was launched in 2009 by Microsoft. As like google Bing also provides services like search image, videos, any documents. It also provides maps service to its clients/users.

Bing also provides translation facility to its user which performance is really good.

Actually bing is originated from MSN Search. Though Microsoft started it search term with MSN search but later Microsoft brought changes in their search engine and then it had Bing.


Baidu , the second most popular search engine, was  founded in 18 January 2000 just after 2 years of Google. It is a China search engine, located in Shanghai.

Baidu is not just a search engine. It is a multinational tech company that provides internet related services. It also works with Artificial Intelligence.

Baidu was founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu. Baidu has a total number of 45887 employees.


The Giant of all search engines. Whoever can beat Google? Is there any other search engine can dominate google. I think , No. Just , because google is not a search engine, it provides other facilities too. Just  open a Gmail account and see how much features are waiting for you. All of these are totally free for you.

If you search anything through google it will  show you  many information including websites URL. Besides you can search video, audio, image also. It will show you lots of data from where you can get your desired one.

N.B : Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 4, 1998. Day after day, through their hard work Google becomes today what you see of it.

Services provided by Google : Gmail, YouTube, google drive, maps, play store, translate, calendar and many more.

N.B : Information for this post is collected from internet, wikipedia. If you find any wrong notify me. Happy reading <3

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