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best alternative of google adsense

Google AdSense is a familiar name to us. Many of those who are involved with blogging, youtubing, use Google AdSense. Not only that, it has huge popularity all over the world. It has been recognized as a good source of income from online.So many of those who are working on blogs or YouTube are interested in earning from Google Ad.

Yes, you can earn good money from Google ads by showing them on your blog or YouTube channel. However, you must monetize your blog or YouTube channel before earning from Google Ad. If you receive the Approval then Google will display targeted ads on your site or youtube channel.

Losing Google Magnetization is easier than having it is. They can ban your account for a little mistake. Or they may block for a few days. As it is a giant company it can do anything and can be rude or can change their policies several times. And we are just a spectator hahaha. So i hope you understand how careful you have to be. There are many who already banned.

You may experience of google’s latest ads update. What’s this update? Let’s see the picture below –

This picture is the reason for many people not getting a good sleep at night. Hahaha This new update from Google has stopped showing ads on many sites. In many blogs they see ads all on a sudden or there are some blogs having no ads totally. But do you refrain yourself from doing blogging ? Want to leave just because google is not showing ads on your blog or website or youtube channel ??

Personally I would say – no you don’t have to do that. If Google’s ad doesn’t show up on your site, don’t worry. But there are alternative arrangements. In addition to Google Ads, there are many other ad networks that will show advertise on your site. And with that you can make a lot of money.

So what are those alternative ad networks? Yes, today in this article, I am going to talk about some of Google’s alternative ad networking sites. Let’s see them –

The first and the most popular alternative of Google Adsense is Like Google, it publishes all kinds of ads. If you want to put an alternative ad service on your blog then your first choice should be Honestly and personally I like this site. Their feedback is also great. The interesting thing is when you receive approval here, they will pay you 10% extra on the first three months of your income.

This network is operated by Yahoo and Bing. has some famous publishers like Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and more.

What kind of ads will they show on your site?

1. contextual ad

2. native ads,

3. Vertical ad formats

4. in-content native

5. mobile docked ads

Their advanced technology that will give you 100% Fill Rate for sure. If they approve your site, you can easily display different types of ads on your blog. To get their approval you need to fill up some of the requirements. These are listed below-

1। All of your site content must be in English. They do not allow any language other except English.

2। Your blog must be updated. The reason is, they give preference to blogs that published articles in regular.

3। The traffic to your site must be from America, Europe or Canada. Otherwise you will not be able to earn well. So to earn good income from this site, your must have country based traffic.

They will usually give you revenue in three types of formats –


Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of the most popular ad networks. You can try it out as an alternative to Google. Propeller has several types of advertising system. Such as –

1. Push Notifications

2. Native Banner

3. Onclick (Popunder)

4. Interstitial

5. Direct link (Direct ads)

In addition, they have referral programs. If someone joins through your referral code here, they will pay you some commission from it. You can also run a referral program by showing ads on your blog. Here you will find various types of ad formats like Square, Horizontal, Vertical. Some of them have different size such as-

300×250, 250×250, 728×90, 468×60, 160×600, 120×600 . From these sizes you can pick any one of these for your blog.

Besides, they will give you revenue in three types of formats – CPM, CPC, CPA. You can also check the CPS rate of different country from their statistics. Check the picture below –


Largest and one of the best alternative options for and Google Adsense is Infolinks. The best features of Infolinks is its ad text and add-in tags. With the ad text feature they automatically place the ad in your blog post. And through ad in tags, they do shows ads in tags. This allows users to click on the tag because they think it might be tag of your post. In addition to these, Infolinks has several types of ad services –

1. in-text ( Converts words in your content to text ads )

2. In-article ( Displays ads anywhere in between articles  )

3. In-fold ( Ad shows up near the footer  )

4. In-tags ( Ad shows as a tag )

5. In-frame  ( Display ad from two side on your blog )

You can choose the top 5 options. Or you can use only what is good for your blog. It should be noted here that Infolinks usually show your Earnings after 2 days. What you earned today will add on your dashboard tomorrow. However, their ad impressions are very good.

Not only that . Infolinks also offers you a referral program. The referral program is similar to Propeller Ads. You will earn, when someone visits your site and completes registration by following your referral link.


The number of users of Revenuehits are not less. Revenuehits do not pay for impressions. Here you have to complete the action. This means that if the visitors of your site click on the Revenuehits link and complete the actions given by them, then your revenue will be added. But if the action is incomplete, the impression will show exactly but no earning will make. Normally two days later the total amount of earning is shown. There is also the benefit of referral program. If anyone join through your referral link you will hit some revenue.

Revenuehits usually displays the following ads on your site –

1. Banner ( 728×90 )

2. Pop Under 

3. Footer

4. Floating Banner

5. Mobile Intersititial

6. Shadow box

7. Slider

8. Topbar 

9. Mobile Dialog. 

10. 158×21 button 

From these ten types of ads, you can show your favorite ads on your site.


Bidvertiser is another best alternative of Google Ads. You need to sign in their site to get the monetization for your blog. Then you need to connect your blog to your site’s dashboard. They usually take sometime for the approval. If your requests can full fill their requirements, you will easily get monetization . Otherwise, “Disallow” will appear next to your blog on the dashboard. ( :p )

Bidvertizers usually shows ads of different formats banners, skyscrapers, rectangles. From here, generate the ad code for your blog. Then, after placing the code on your site, the ad will appear on your blog. From their dashboard you can easily monitor the income performance of your blog.


You can use Adcash as Google’s alternative. But it shows adult advertising too. However, you can turn it off if you want. In this case, when setting the ad, block the Adult Ad option. Then adult ad will not appear on your blog.

Another benefit of using Adcash is they display ads below the post. As a result, a user thinks this might be a content of your blog and clicked on the ad on your site. Hopefully the picture below clears up the whole thing.

Besides this site displays ads in the following formats –

1. Pop-under

2. Native ads

3. Push notifications

4. Banners ( all sizes of banners are available including skyscrapper )

5.  Interstitials.

From here, select the ad you want and generate the code. Then place the code on your site. Adcash is an ad network based on CPM, CPC, CPA Target. Having low traffic websites can also use Adcash and can earn money form online.

Undertone —

A very good ad network. However, if you want to take the ad from here, your blog must have 500000 impressions per month. Otherwise, you may not get approval. The CPM of this site is much better than other display ad networks. They always provide a good CPM rate to their clients. They follow the CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV model to generate revenue.

Epom Market —

This ad network is good for use as an alternative to AdSense. If you want to earn a good amount of money then your blog must have Minimum 500000 Monthly Impressions. CPM, CPC, CPA, Auction is the model of providing revenue for this site.

Exponential —

Another ad network that needs high impressions is Exponential. You must have 500000 impressions monthly, if you want to use this ad network. Not only that, they also monitor the layout / design of your blog / website while approving it. So if you want to use it on your blog or website, there should be a lot of traffic besides good design.  CPM, CPC, CPA are the model of generating revenue for publishers.


VigLink is a famous platform for text advertising. If you want to use alternative of adsense , then VigLink may be the best choice for you. It converts all outgoing links on your site into affiliate links. But the funny thing is you don’t have to create an affiliate account for this. If anyone buys a product or app through visiting the affiliate link from your blog, you will hit the income.

Now the question is whether you can use it along with other affiliate programs? 

Yes you can. If you have any other affiliate program on your site, you can use VigLink without any problems. Vigilink is working with more than 35,000 merchandisers worldwide.


Another popular online platform. Admaven is used as another alternative of Google Ads. They have been providing their services for more than 35 years. Recently, Ad Maven has introduced a new feature called Native Push Notification. It works well on both mobile or desktop. In addition to native features, it is generally offer pop-under ads. In addition to this feature, Admaven displays ads on your site through the following features –


2। banners

3। lightbox ads

4। sliders

5। interstitial ads.

Typically, this website provides revenue through CPA, CPI, CPL, CPC, CPM model.


Ad Blade is a very good ad network. It usually gives more importance on quality than quality. Some of the world’s best companies also use this site’s ad. However, to get ads from Adblade you must have 500,000+ monthly impressions. Otherwise they may not approve your blog.

If you have a blog and the monthly traffic for that blog is more than 500000 then you can easily use this ad network. They provide revenue according to the two models CPM, CPC.

Vibrant Media

Those who have low traffic on the site can try it once. You don’t need huge traffic like Exponential or Undertone. It’s like Infolinks, but in some cases it’s a bit different. It typically offers advertising like following categories –

1. in-text,

2. in-image,

3. lightbox,

4. storyboard,

5. mosaic,

They follow the CPM and CPC model in terms of providing revenue.


Like other ad networks, Yllix also displays ads in different categories. Such as –

01. Pop Up

02. Pop Under

03. Banner ( All types of banner ads )

They follow the CPM, CPC, CPA etc model in terms of providing revenue.


Revcontent has a reputation as a hassle free and reliable website. Native Ad is widely appreciated of Revcontent. Although it takes some time to get monetization from Google Adsense,rather monetization is completed very quickly in Revcontent also offers referral programs to its publishers.


Adversal is also one of the Google Adsense alternatives. Its click through rate (CTR) is very good and this network supports many languages. To join this network, your website must have a monthly pageview over 50,000. Another thing is, it has affiliate programs like Amazon. After earning a minimum of $25, you can withdraw money through PayPal account, direct bank or by check.


AdStera is a premium ad network for publishing websites. This network provides the highest CPM rate worldwide. AdStera offers various types of ad publishing including banners, pop-under, direct links, sliders, push ups. If your website generates a good amount of traffic, you can earn money through this network just like AdSense

Amazon display ads

Amazon Display Ads is a new ad system that many of us may not know. However, it was former Amazon Affiliate. Now they have updated it a little bit. If you do not have AdSense, this may be a good option for you. But if your site has more American and Canadian visitors then it will be the best. And for those who earn income through affiliate marketing, this is the best way to earn and to make a living.


You can also use this ad network in addition to Google AdSense. This ad network has a lot of popularity as a pop under network. Here the Approval is very simple. Its CPC rate is much higher than other ad networks. You can withdraw your money for only $5. However, if your blog or website has 1000+ visitors, then your income will be good. The CPV, CPM model, is the medium of payment of revenue.

Verizon Media

Verizon Media is used by many publishers as an alternative to Google AdSense. There are more than 1000+ publishers of Verizon Media. To get this site Approval, you must have more than 300000 impressions per month on your blog or website. Otherwise you may not get monetization for your blog. Like other ad networks Verizon Meia Displays ads for many categories like mobile, native, and video ad inventories. The CPM, CPC, CPA model is the medium of payment of revenue.

Propel MEdia

If you want to earn as a cost per view, you can choose Propel. Because Propel is considered as the best in CPV. It also works on the PPV method. PPV means Pay Per View. Propel Media performs the following ads like other ad networks – display ads, contextual text-links etc.

Pop Cash –

It’s also like pop ads. This is good for low traffic blogs . Their approving system takes less time than other network.. However, this site also displays Adult ads. If you do not want to display this type of ads on your blog just block the Adult Ad option while singing up. Adult Aad will not display on your blog or website. Generally popcash don’t show any ads on your website. When a visitor visits your website or blog, a page will open automatically. And this is the popcash ad.

Guys Today we discussed a lot about the best alternative of Google Adsense. So i have a question for all of you.

Which Ad Network Will You Grab For Your Blog Or Website Instead Of Google Adsense ??

Is that clear to you to grab your desired one ? Okay let me finish this now. If you wanna know from me then i will suggest you to go for, Infolinks, Exponential, Verizon Media, Undertone , Epom Market. Now choice us yours. You can also change any of them in any case. Let me finish the article. Bbba bye. :0 :p

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