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In this present age, thinking of improving or advancing a business without the expansion of business is nothing but stupid. You have to spend for it and have to promote it.

Hey guys welcome back to anupdebnath.info . Today in this episode I am about to discuss the “360 Degree Formula”. It can help you expanding your business.

Basically the way you bring your targeted customer through different mediums is called 360 degree. Again some of these methods are associated with social media. As maximum methods are related to social media you will also get idea of social media marketing. Cool enough.
So I don’t want to make the preface long. Let’s check the topic –

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Before going to start our discussion check the image below. It shows the number of users of different social sites.

image source : Statista

01 .. Facebook Marketing

At present the most used social site is Facebook. Facebook has more than 2.2 billion active users per month. And now people who don’t use Facebook are difficult to find. You can use it as your main tool to grow your business. As a result, more than 2234 million people are currently using Facebook.

Can You guess how much scope you can get from this if you can use this enormous number to expand your business. In this case, you can promote your business by opening pages on Facebook, writing articles, or opening a group. By giving your business information on Facebook pages, groups will be easy for people to know more about your business.

In addition to business information, you can mention your email and phone so that a consumer can easily contact with you.  One small information is – about 82% of business-to-business marketers have acknowledged that Facebook is a viable social networking platform for businesses. Just you need to handle it properly.

Promotion, One of the benefits of using Facebook as a means of promotion is that you get to know the needs of a consumer directly, you can attract countless consumers to your product / business. Using Facebook allows you to build a strong business network that not only helps you to grow your business but also brings many new business opportunities to you. And the importance of having a strong business network is crucial for business development.

02. Twitter Marketing

After Facebook, let’s talk about Twitter marketing. There are over 300 million active users on Twitter every month. According to the “CMI” report, 87% of those who use Twitter for business are business-to-business marketers.

So if you want to brand a product / build your business as an idol, then Twitter is a popular medium. Like Facebook, you can build a business community on Twitter which is very helpful in networking your business.

It is advisable to continue the business campaign by highlighting the positive aspects of the business. In this case you can upload pictures / videos of various business activities. Or if you have a specific product you can post it regularly by mentioning its multiplication

Youtube Marketing

03.. Youtube Marketing

Now this is about YouTube marketing. As of 20 estimates, YouTube has more than 1.9 billion monthly active users. From Tubular data we knew that from 16 to 22 September , 2018, 8964 videos of 4680 brands were sponsored on YouTube.

One of the most expensive tasks is YouTube Video Ad Marketing. If you start a business with a specific product, you can opt for marketing as well as YouTube’s Video Aid service beside Facebook.When watching a video on YouTube, you will often see an ad for a few seconds before the video starts. You can also avail this service but for that you have to spend a lot of money .

For your better understanding i am giving a link of Youtube Marketing here –

YouTube Marketing

One of the most important parts of Digital Marketing

04.. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is currently one of the most popular site for photo and video sharing. According to a report of 2017, there were more than 1000 million users per month in Instagram. But , day after day this social media went viral and became popular to mass people and as a result, on June 2018, , the number of active users per month exceeds 1 billion. Moreover, 48% of the international brands use Instagram for their marketing.

Since you are now in going to promote your business through Instagram, so you have to work here with your business and your defined product . By using Instagram you can easily promote your business and reach out to numerous customers.

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05.. LinkedIn Marketing

You must hear the name LinkedIn. Right ? LinkedIn is one of the best platform for you if you want to expand your business through this hot social platform. LinkedIn is used for professional work. However, currently, business to business marketers are using it as one of the best marketing methods.

According to a report of CMI on 2017, 95% business to business marketer use LinkedIn for their business promotion. So we may catch the point that how much important LinkedIn is.However, on LinkedIn, you have to work with your audience and goals. That’s a good point to give focus.

If you work with the goal of keeping the audience for your business promotion in your mind, you will be able to complete the market goals very easily.

06.. Media Advertising

If you have a specific product and are thinking about marketing then you can advertise on local popular TV channels along with Facebook YouTube. In this case you can follow two methods.

i) You can advertise a specific product exactly as it is advertised on TV channels. In this case, your’s will be shown with other ads.
ii) Or, If you want, you can arrange to show ads for your product only for a few days continuously so that only your product ads will be displayed on the specified channel. No other ads will be shown here.

07.. News / Magazine Marketing

Now let’s talk about News Method. The role of the media in promoting a product is also immense. You can advertise not only products but also your business as a brand here. In this step of the spreading, your target will be the popular daily magazines.

The most effective way to use a magazine as a means of spreading is to use the front page of that daily newspaper. Because on the first page, everyone looks first. In that case, if you have an ad on the first page, then the chances of people seeing the ad are 100%.

In addition to this you can choose the cover of various daily magazine magazines as a means of promoting your business. Because naturally, readers will read magazines, and if your ad is on the cover of a magazine, then it doesn’t matter at all brother. As soon as readers take the magazine in hand, your ad will appear in front of their eyes since that ad is on the first page.

By these methods you can surely increase your business and can get a large number of customer. Have a try, don’t you ?

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