Most Popular Business Websites

Most Popular Business Websites
Most Popular Business Websites
Most Popular Business Websites

Nowadays , in this modern arena, everyday many websites are created for many purposes. Again there are many categories in websites such as blog/news portal/e-commerce etc. Some people use website for their business purposes, some for blogging, some for represent their daily activities.

There might be many stories behind to open a website. However in my another article i have told that a website is a way to earn money as well. So, specially, if someone/any company opened a website for business purposes , earning from this website is a focus agenda for this person/company. ( :p ). Today i am going to discuss about some most popular business websites. Okay dude let us check this –

Bank of America – an American Multinational Investment Bank and a company that provides financial services to its clients. Bank of America was founded in 1784. Its headquarter is now in Charlotte, North Carolina, Unites States.

It is the ninth largest bank in the world and just in America it is the second largest bank. It provides approximately 10.73% deposit services among total bank deposit services of whole America. ( đŸ˜® ) . “Euromoney Institutional Investor” declared “Bank Of America” as “World’s Best Bank” in 2018.

According to wikipedia data of 2019 the number of employees in this bank is 205000. It has a capital ratio of 11.8%. Present CEO is Briyan Moynihan & Co-Vice Chairman is Anne Finucane. Let us check something related to their website –

Search traffic of this site is – 13.6%

Bounce rate of this site is – 10.7%

Sites Linking in – 3737

Daily time on site is – 5:33

Daily page view is – 5.79

Most visited from – United States ( 92.9% )

Top Keywords – bank of america login , bankofamerica ,
bank of america online banking

USA traffic rank – 101

Zillow is actually a real estate database company which was established in 2006. Founder of this organization is “Rich Barton”, “Lloyd Frink” and the former Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off Expedia. Website of this organization is now in the ninth postion of most popular business website.

It is located in Washington D.C , United States. Zillow made a contract with a Canadian properties named Century 21 Canada on site.
“Zillow”, not only run its real estate business through its website, but also it brings location facility for customers so that they can find nearby home easily according to their present location. ( isn’t it amazing? :/ ). See these ;application format below-

April 29, 2009 – Iphone Application

March 18, 2010 – Android Application

April 2, 2010 – Ipod Application

March 31, 2011 – Blackberry Application

July 13, 2012 – Windows Phone Application

November 27, 2013- Windows 8.1 Application

November 2015 – Apple TV Applicatio

Now let us check some information of this website –

Search traffic of this site is – 42.3%

Bounce rate of this site is – 35.2%

Sites Linking in – 13137

Daily time on site – 5:35

Daily page view – 5.44

Most visited from – United States ( 93.7% )

Top Keywords – zillow for sale , mortgage calculator , trulia

United States traffic rank – 141

Scribd is also an American organization that provides e-book and audio book service to its valuable customers. More tan 60 million documents were hosted in its open source platform. It is located in San Francisco, California, United States. Founders of Scribd are”Trip Adler”, “Tikhon Bernstam” and “Jared Friedman”. Subscribers of this website has the permission of 1000 publishers to access unlimited books in a month. But you know ? uses of audio book didn’t start with the starting of this website. This feature added on this site in November 2014. At present, this site has users more than 80 millions in total. Below you can see which types of document were supported by this site-
*Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
*Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps, .pptx, .ppsx)
*Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
*OpenDocument (.odt, .odp, .ods, .odf, .odg)
* XML (.sxw, .sxi, .sxc, .sxd)
*Plain text (.txt)
*Portable Document Format (.pdf)
*PostScript (.ps)
*Rich text format (.rtf)
*Tagged image file format (.tif, .tiff)

Now let us check some extra information of Scribd-

Search traffic of this site is – 60.9%

Bounce rate of this site is – 58.8%

Sites Linking in -99383

Daily time on site – 2:50

Daily page view – 2.35

Most visited from – Indonesia ( 12.7% )

Top Keywords – scribd, scribd login, where was nestle founded?

United States traffic rank – 441

Indonesia traffic rank – 50

Shutterstock . Whenever we need any picture in necessary we search in a hurry on google by writing its name. And if you will see many image will come with a name “Shutterstock” overlay on images. Yes, Shutterstock is a giant platform of photography. Generally it provides stockm photography, stock footage, editing tools to its clients. Headquarter of shutterstock is in New York, Unites States. Jon Oringer, founder of shutterstock, is a programmer, photographar as well as a reputed businessman. Approximately 700 people are worming in Shutterstock. Let us check some extra information of this website –

Search traffic of this site is – 24.5%

Bounce rate of this site is – 41.7%

Sites Linking in -18235

Daily time on site – 6:41

Daily page view – 6.32

Most visited from – India ( 20.3% )

Top Keywords – shutter stock, shutterstock, stock photos,

United States traffic rank – 147

India traffic rank – 45

Alibaba is a popular name among internet users. It provides e-commerce, retail and services related to internet & technology to its customer. Alibaba was established in 4 April 1999. Headquarter of Alibaba is in Hangzhou, China. Among all other internet company it is in fifth position from the point of earning.

Jack Maa is the Present Executive Chairman of alibaba who is basically known as a business magnet as well as a reputed investor & politicians in China. Present CEO is Daniel Zhang who is working from 10 May 2015. Besides all other services mentioned above alibaba provides more extra services to its customer such as entertainment, cloud computing, different types of Tv shows etc.

According to the report of 2019 amount of revenue of alibaba is 56.152 billion dollar and amount of total assets in dollar is 143.801 billion dollar. At present , in alibaba, more than 1,00,000 people is still working in many sections.

Daily Page views per Visitor is 5.86 .. ( Cool )

Search traffic of this site is 41.6% ( OMG :O amazing )

Time spend on this site is 6 minutes 12 seconds

Total sites linked in – 39843

Top keywords – fresh carrot from vietnam, vietnamese carrot for export,

Share of Voice – alibaba ( 35.27% ), fresh carrot from vietnam ( 42.27% ), fresh carrot from vietnam ( 28.93% )

Visited most from – United States 18.7%

Indeed , an another American Company ,located in Austin, Texas, United States. It provides job related search feature to its customers. Founders of indeed is Paul Forster and Rony Kahan . It was established by them in November 2004. At present, Indeed continues its activities in 60 countries using 28 languages. Let us see some ectra information of this website –

Search traffic of this site is – 25.2%

Bounce rate of this site is – 34.2%

Sites Linking in – 9763

Daily time on site – 5:13

Daily page view – 4.28

Most visited from – United States ( 48.0% )

Top Keywords – indeed, indeed jobs, jobs near me

United States traffic rank – 39

Japan traffic rank – 51

Chase. It is actually a bank website.This bank was founded in 1877. It is located in 270 Park Avenue,Manhattan, New York, United States. Chase bank provides card services, retail financial services and the facilities of a commercial bank to its valuable clients. Through its website, clients of this bank can easily get bank updates and able to complete banking activities easily. According to the data of wikipedia, revenue of this bank for the past year is 109.29 billion dollar and amount of assets in dollar is 2.474 trillion dollar. ( đŸ˜® ) . Okay, now check some extra information of this website below –

Search traffic of this site is – 7.6%

Bounce rate of this site is – 12.00%

Sites Linking in – 1404

Daily time on site – 4:49

Daily page view – 5.61

Most visited from – United States ( 80.5% )

Top Keywords – chase, chase online, chase credit card.

United States traffic rank – 15

Japan traffic rank – 98

Espn. All of us know about ESPN very well. Popularity of ESPN is like a skyscraper because of sports. It is located in Bristol, Connecticut. Disney Media Networks is the owner of this. ESPN also called as Worldwide Leader in Sports. User from remote area can easily get updates of sports easily through its website. Besides website, espn has many types of TV shows where they telecast various sports. Some of television networks name are below-
*ESPN (1979 – present )
*ESPN International (1989– present )
*ESPN2 (1993–present)
*ESPN Australia (1995– present )
*ESPN Brasil (1995–1999, a partner of TVA ; 1999–present, Owner – ESPN )
*ESPNews (1996–present)
*ESPN Classic (1997–present)
*ESPN PPV (1999–present)
*ESPN Films (2001–present)
*ESPN Deportes (2004–present)
*ESPNU (2005–present)
*ESPN Goal Line & Bases Loaded (2010–present)
*Longhorn Network (2011–present)
*SEC Network (2014–present)
*Sony ESPN ( partnership with Sony Pictures Television Networks )
*ESPN 5 ( partnership TV5 Network )

Besides television networks, ESPN also has a lots of radio networks too. Below you can see the name of these radio networks name-

ESPN Radio (1992–present)
ESPN Deportes Radio (2005–present)
ESPN Xtra (2008–present)
LRI710 ESPN 107.9 (2010–present )
RĂ¡dio Eldorado ESPN (2007-2011)
RĂ¡dio EstadĂ£o ESPN (2011–2012)
KESN (103.3 FM, Dallas-Fort Worth; Owner is Disney but Cumulus Media run it according to their local marketing rules. )
KSPN (710 A AM, Los Angeles)
WEPN-FM (98.7 FM, NY City ; )
WEPN (AM) (1050 A AM , NY City )
WMVP (1000 A AM ,Chicago )

Now check some extra information related to this site –

Search traffic of this site is – 15.2%

Bounce rate of this site is – 44.9%

Sites Linking in – 13720

Daily time on site – 5:18

Daily page view – 3.75

Most visited from – United States ( 77.7% )

Top Keywords – espn, mlb standings, espn fantasy football

United States traffic rank – 13

Japan traffic rank – 82

Paypal. It is a popular online transaction method. Basically it is an American company that gives the opportunity to the users to transfer money through online . This company was established in 20 December 1998. It is located in San Jose, California, United States. According to the data of wikipedia, revenue of paypal for the past year is 15.451 billion dollar and amount of assets in dollar is 43.332 billion dollar. Approximately 21800 people are currently working in Paypal.

Now let us check some extra information related to this website –

Search traffic of this site is – 8.1%

Bounce rate of this site is – 12.2%

Sites Linking in – 25428

Daily time on site – 4:24

Daily page view – 5.20

Most visited from – United States ( 40.2% )

Top Keywords – paypal, paypal credit, paypal login

United States traffic rank – 49

Japan traffic rank – 69

Microsoft. A very common and popular to all internet users. By using office features ( powerpoint, excel, word, one note, outlook ) of microsoft a user can do lots of tasks easily. A user can have email facility through outlook feature of microsoft office. Besides all of these facilities, clients of microsoft get the facility of one drive where a user can store many important docs, files, pictures, videos etc. Now we will see some information related to its website –

Search traffic of this site is – 42%

Bounce rate of this site is – 56.3%

Sites Linking in – 376599

Daily time on site – 2:56

Daily page view – 2.85

Most visited from – United States ( 24.2% )

Top Keywords – office 365, bing, roblox, hotmail

United States traffic rank – 26

Japan traffic rank – 33

N.B : Article source is collected form alexa, wikipedia and from the websites listed above. If you find anything wrong with this please feel free to share with site admin by sending him mail. Thanks. Stay Tuned.

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