Travel To Bichanakandi – The Fascinating Beauty

Bichanakandi - The Fascinating Beauty

359 ViewsBangladesh is a country of immense beauty. The beauty of nature will be seen in every single inch in this country. People from far distance come here to see the fascinating beauty of nature. The main attraction of visitor is to see the beauty of sea beach, hills, haor etc. Bichanakandi – a popular and well known tourist place in our country. Every year many people come to visit this place. Basically it is located in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District in Bangladesh. I have had a visit here.…

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Kali Puja & Diwali – Celebrating Kali Puja


2,012 Views Devi Kali is known as a special goddess to the traditional religions. Many of us may not know the meaning of the word Kali. The word Kali means black or pure black. And Kali is a feminine word . The worship of the mother form of Devi Kali is very popular among Sanatan religion people. The other name of the goddess Kali is Kalika, Shema etc. Again many of the people worship Goddess Kali as Mahakali, Rakshakali, Shashankali, Bhadrakali, Dakkhinakali, Nishakali, Ratantikali, Kamakali at different temples. Time Of…

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Madhabkunda Waterfall – The Captivating Beauty


1,536 ViewsBangladesh, an undeniably beautiful sign of nature. The devotee has arranged it in his own hand. The country has endless beauty and it is also surrounded by plants, rivers, hills, and haors. Hi guys, welcome back to, in this article i am going to discuss about Madhabkund Waterfall. The most attractive and the captivating beauty of nature. Let’s start guys – Madhabkunda – The Most Attractive Tourist Place Madhabkund waterfall is one of the best beauty reservoirs of Bangladesh’s high fountains. This waterfall is a great tourist place…

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National Park Lawachara – Natural beauty

2,262 ViewsThis is our Bangladesh, the land of natural beauty. Nature has arranged itself in every place in this country. One of the unavoidable signs of this beauty is our national park Lauachara. The real natural beauty you need to visit. Hey guys welcome back to Today, ion this article i am going to discuss about Lawachara. You may also like to read – Madhabkunda Waterfall – The Fascinating Beauty Know Where It Is Located In The national park is located in the Kamalganj upazila of Sylhet Division’s Moulvibazar…

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Laxmi Puja – What You Must Refuse

Laxmi Puja

1,698 ViewsLaxmi Puja – The Greatest & Most Popular Festival of Sanatan Religion. This festival day is celebrated every year on Kojagori Purnima ( Full Moon ). Most Popular Festival Of Sanatan Religion Hei Guys Welcome back to . Today. in this article i am going to share information of Laxmi Puja and some important thing that you must have to refuse in Laxmi Puja. So ? What are you waiting for baby ? Let’s start – // *$* // LAXMI PUJA – AT A GLANCE Goddess Laxmi –…

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Durga Puja 2019 – The Largest Festival


747 ViewsDurga Puja – The Greatest and Largest Festival of Sanatan Religion. It lasts for 5 days. These days are celebrated with lots of joy and happiness. People started moving from one to another Puja Mandap to see Goddess Durga. These days bring a good festive look among us. Hi guys welcome back to this blog. Today you are going to see some enjoyable and remarkable pictures and videos of Durga Puja 2019. Check below –

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The Seven Plagues of Anger

The seven plagues of anger

12,044 Views So you guys , at last came to my blog to read something ?? I hope you are sure about what you are going to read by seeing this heading. Right ? So what I was saying is that anger is one of the common emotions of people. We all have less anger. Some people became angry with a little thing. Again some people are just opposite of them. but, you can’t say that there are people without anger. Again you will realize that the result will not…

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