Content Marketing – Things You Need To Know

Content Marketing - Things You Need To Know
Content Marketing - Things You Need To Know
Content Marketing – Things You Need To Know

What is content marketing?

Well, let me give the definition of content marketing through an example. Imagine you have researched a lot and then written a very good quality content. Later you published it on your blog or website. But you are not getting huge response from your audience. Wait. Did you notice you have already missed a point here? What is this point ? Yes the point is content marketing. In my opinion, content marketing is such a way to promote it to your targeted audience online. Aren’t you clear ?

Okay let’s check what the experts say about content marketing. 

According to Wikipedia – Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

According to contentmarketinginstitute.comContent marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

According to Forbes Magazine –  Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. 

Okay, well discussion by them. From these definitions I get some points to focus on and these are – 

** Targeted audience for content.

** emphasize on creating unique article.

** attract audience through article.

Are content writing and content marketing similar ? 

Content writing and content marketing are a little bit different. Content writing means to write  content properly. It can be anything. It may be a blog post, may be product review or anything to write about.   But content marketing is to promote your content to your targeted audience. Did I say anything wrong ? Let us have a detailed discussion. To make your content viral, to get more audience engagement you have to apply the formula of content marketing. So the scenario is very clear. 

** Content writing – To write about specific thing. 

** Content marketing – way to promote your content. 

For Your Help And For A Clear Idea Of Content Marketing and Its Beginning Check This Image –

History of Content Marketing 2016

Courtesy : 

Why you have to do content marketing ? 

Content marketing is very crucial to for your blog / websites / business. Suppose you are running a business. 

Then who will buy your product ? Obviously your targeted customer. 

How to reach them ? There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a site. And obviously, content marketing is the best way to reach them. Because nowadays, apart from all other marketing methods content marketing is loved by all. You can create huge engagement through a proper content marketing. You want to build trust, want to build your brand awareness then start content writing. Not just engagement of visitors or brand awareness it will also help you generating leads for your business. It also helps to make more backlinks. 

Concepts of Content Marketing / Area of Content Marketing.

Image Source 

** Blogging : Blogging is now a very popular among internet users. Many of us have personal blogs or websites. Blogging can be a great platform for content marketing. But to do that you have to create good quality content. Your visitor will see what you have written on your blog. 

** Podcasts : Day by day the area of podcasts is increasing. Podcasts is also another way to promote your content. Many popular blogs have a podcast section apart from their content. Here they keep only podcasts. Why do they do that ? Because people love to hear something than reading. Don’t you believe that ? My blog is a standard example for this.

** YouTube Video : Another popular way of content marketing is youtube video. For this you need an account with youtube. Then you have to make a video of your content. In this video, you have to describe perfectly about your engaging point. Make your video interesting. Thus people will not bored and watch your video till the end. And by doing this you can deliver your main point successfully. 

Content Marketing - Things You Need To Know
Content Marketing – Things You Need To Know

** Social Media : Social media plays an important role in our daily life. We can’t think of a day without it. As life goes on, the importance of social media is increasing. Okay, back to the point. You want to do content marketing through social media?

Then make yourself available as much as you can on social media. Target your audiences and make a community with them. Tray to make this community large. Share your article with your audiences. Then see the impact. You have no idea how much it can help you to make your content viral. If people are interested in any topic they will start sharing automatically on social media. And you have to grab this opportunity. So write quality content, share it in social media and get ready for blast. 

But my friend i have a question for you. There are lots of social media over online. Which one Will You Grab For Content Marketing ? Let me share a short description of some social media sites – 

** Facebook – Active Users: 2375 million. 

** Youtube – Active Users: 2000 million.

** Whatsapp – Active Users: 1600 million.

** WeChat – Active Users: 1112 million. 

** Instagram – Active Users: 1000 million. 

** Reddit – Active Users: 330 million. 

** Twitter – Active Users: 330 million.

** LinkedIn – Active Users: 310 million.

For your better understanding i give you a link here – Explore it and see all data of social media –

15+ Social Networking Sites You Need To Know In 2019

** Infographics : Wait, what is this? What is infographics? Let me say. Infographics is a visual presentation of your data. Personally I love it. Honestly saying man. Many famous bloggers used this system to make more engagement and make their content attractive for their readers. You should have a try at least. Through infographics you can describe your main idea clearly and people always love to see all data in a place ( together ).  They will get a clear idea of your content and thus they decide to find the rest of your content. 

** E-book : Another popular way of content marketing. Suppose you are skilled in something. Then what you can do is write an Ebook for your visitors. Share your experiences on that Ebook will attract your visitors a lot. They will find it helpful through your content. Think if people started sharing it then your Ebook will go viral on social sites. Thus people will come to your blog and your engagement will increase.

** Webinar : Suppose you are running a single niche based blog.  And If you are master in it then write some strong content and arrange webinar for your visitors. Let them subscribe and join in your webinar for free. Thus they will have a clear idea of your  blog. You can set a plan for your webinar so that visitors can easily choose and attend timely. Webinar also helps to create more engagement. 

** Online Courses : Yeah, you can also run online courses through your blog. It is another part of content marketing. Through online courses you can sell and drive your best performing content to your clients. Go online and search. You will find many websites and popular bloggers are selling online courses through their blog. Udemy can be a best example for selling online courses. People, nowadays, love to buy learning materials through online.And this number of people is increasing day after day.So you have to grab this opportunity.

** Email Or Newsletter : For content marketing you can also apply this on your blog. Thus you will get huge amount of email. It will help you in email marketing too. Whenever you published a content you can send them directly to your targeted audiences through email.

** Free Tools or Software : Besides these you can give some free services to your audiences. You can provide many free tools or software. But keep in mind, provide such tools that can help a person. Try not to share any harmful tools.

I am almost done. Time to ends up this content here. If i make a summery of this content then only one thing i will say – Do marketing as much as you can for your content. The result will please you. Best of luck <3

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