Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

The most popular social networking site in this world is Facebook. In maximum country the popularity of this social site is very high. Everyday 1.4 billion people use facebook. Maximum of them come several times on facebook for many purposes.

But do you know there are some people who use facebook for their brand/business promotion? Yes, they do facebook marketing. The intention to do facebook marketing is to reach more people within a short time.

Since many people use facebook per day, we can say it without any doubt that most of your targeted customers can be found on facebook. 

Hi guys welcome back to Experience Hunter. Today in this article, I am going to discuss about facebook marketing strategy for small business.

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Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Yes, this is a question you may ask now. Because I have mentioned it several times in the first paragraph above. In short, Marketing actions done through facebook is facebook marketing.

Wanna know it in details man? Okay read this now – facebook marketing is a way by which you can reach more people, create more audiences, create more engagement, enhance your business and all other things related to it.

Even you can advertise on facebook. However, I will talk about this later.

Let’s see what other people say about facebook marketing

Some definition of facebook marketing.

  Facebook marketing refers to creating—and actively using—a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact with and attract customers. Facebook actively provides for this, allowing users to create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or brand.

According to Marketing School

  Facebook marketing is the practice of promoting a brand and maintaining its presence on Facebook. Facebook marketing refers to both organic (free) postings/interactions, and paid, or “boosted” posts.

According To Big Commerce

Why Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business?

Is it important to do facebook marketing to grow a small business? Is there anything special on  facebook marketing plan that can boost a small business?

The answer is yes. Facebook marketing can help you many ways to grow your business. But before that we need to know why we have to do this.

We all may know the history of facebook. Founder of facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. It started its journey in 2004. According to a research of 2016 active users of facebook was 1.85 billion per month. Its per day user was 1.15 billion which is now 1.4 billion.  The number of people who use facebook through their smartphone was 1.74 billion.

Per day people upload more than 300 million images on facebook. Average time spent per user on facebook is 20 minutes. There are 16 million+ facebook business pages. 42% business man think it as their main weapon of social marketing.

On another report we got information that per year users of facebook is increasing by 17%. And it is still increasing.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Facebook marketing is very much important than banners, signboards, billboards, tv or radio advertisement. Because you can get huge customers with low cost from facebook.

According to monitoring system you can check your marketing progress and everything of it. Even if you think that any system of your plan is not working you can change it.

As many people use facebook you can create a good community with your targeted audience. Thus you can create opportunities for you to make your brand/business viral.

Not only that government or non-government, small or large startups are using facebook for their promotion and to get audience for them.

No matter how small or giant business man you are, to hold your client, to expand your business, to grow your community, to make your business worldwide you have to do facebook marketing. 

Facebook Marketing Guideline For Small Business

Before going to the point let’s see the topics of discussion –

1.     Facebook Page. ( 5+ Ways To Create A Facebook Page For Business )

2.   Facebook Algorithm. ( How Facebook Algorithm Works? )

3.   Best Time To Post On Facebook. ( When To Post On Facebook )

4.   Facebook Insights.

5.    Facebook Advertisements.

6.   Facebook Messenger. ( 5+ Ways To Promote Your Business Through Messenger )

7.    Facebook Group. (5+ Ways To Create A Facebook Group For Business )

Let’s have a small discussion of them.

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Facebook Marketing – 5+ Easy Ways To Open A Facebook Page

The first step of facebook marketing is to create a facebook page. Do you know why i am telling this? Do you know how many active users per month on facebook? 

Yee. It has almost 2.23 billion users per month. There are huge opportunities to reach targeted customer via facebook if you can perform a very well facebook marketing strategy .

If you are running  a small business, do not refrain yourself from facebook marketing.   

But one interested thing to point out here. Having a facebook page is like you have a website. Haha.  If you want to create a website, you have to pay for this. But dear, facebook will not charge you for this.

 You can create a facebook page for free. Just log in to your account and click on the drop down menu. Then click on the “Create a page” button. Isn’t it simple? Yah, pretty much simple.

Well, I know you are thinking to ask me a question. I know what it is. The question is – what is the importance of creating facebook page?

The answer is why you are refrain from having a facebook page in this modern era. Only a facebook page can help you to grow your business, to reach more people.

It has the power to attract your audience. You can spread your ideas, your business facilities for your audiences through facebook page. You can offer them directly as well.

5+ ways to create facebook business page – small business promotion. 

Though creating a facebook business page is easy, you have to maintain something for a better clearance. In short, I am going to describe 5+ easy ways to create a facebook business page for your small business promotion- 

First step: Click on the drop down menu. Then click on “create a page”. After doing that facebook will show you two options. First one is for “Business or Brand” and the second one is for “Community and public figure”. As we are running small business we will go for Business or Brand. Click on the first option. 

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

After that, a new window will display on the computer screen. Here facebook will ask you to give  your business name. Write your business name and then specify its category. 

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Later click on continue. Wait for a while. 

 Second Step: A new window will appear on your screen. 

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

See the red marked zone? You have to upload photos for this. Use attractive or professional profile picture and cover photo.

It will be a better option to set your business logo along with your business banner. If do not have any, you can capture a nice picture of your business.

When you set a picture for profile picture facebook will give you permission to adjust this picture. You can drag and drop your picture. 

After finishing your uploading photos your new 

Third Step: create a username for your business page. In this step you have to give a full description of your page. You can find it from page settings. Click on settings then click on page info. A page will display in front of you.

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

 Give description of your business. Select your business categories. Generally facebook keeps multiple contact information for business page.

Such as email, website, phone number,location. Provide all of these contact information so that people can find you easily. It will also help to build trust in you. 

After completing this section successfully facebook will display a message like this-

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Fourth Step: Now you complete your basic steps. Click on the page button. Here you will see option like offers, service, shop, reviews, photos, posts, videos, info and ads, about, events, live videos, communities, notes, groups and etc. Customize everything listed below the home button according to your choice. 

Fifth Step: If you will work alone then skip this point. But if you have the possibility to add more people for your business or currently you have a team working, you can set them for different positions.

Facebook will show you options such as – admin, moderator, editor, advertiser and analyst. Choose wisely. Set your team members for each of these posts. Opps !! I forget to tell you the important thing. From where you can set this?

 Go to page settings. Click on page role and set everything.

Sixth Step: Time to publish your first post. Ready?  Publish your post now. You can different types of post like text post, video post, link post, live video post.

Facebook Marketing Strategy – How Facebook Algorithm Works?

Brother, what are you waiting for now? Hmm? Cannot stop yourself from posting?

Before posting I want to let you know something about algorithm of facebook. Hope it can break your heart nicely.  :p

There was a time when we saw most recent updates on our news feed. But when the number of facebook users were started increasing, the number of updates were also increased with the passage of time.

Even, it was tough for facebook to show exact recent updates to one’s news feed. 

Later facebook brought a new way to show the most recent updates so that a user can see updates by filtering. Today you see all recent updates according to your interests and activities.

As a result, all of your page liker will not see all your updates. If it is relevant to their activities only then facebook will display your posts on their news feed.

Facebook Marketing – Types Of Facebook Posts

Facebook lets you post your content in different ways.  People use one or multiple ways to post on facebook. But you do not have to do that.

All of these posting methods may not be able to bring your desired result. So what will you do? All you have to do is to find what posting method is suitable for you. Then go for it. Let’s discuss about types of facebook posts.

1.     Text Post: This posting method is used by all of the facebook users. Text post means you write something about your business or brand and share it with your audience.

That’s it. But if we are looking for creating engagement for our business then text post is kind of little water on the glass. It cannot fill your expectation. If you are in a hurry you can do this.

2.   Image Post: People love the most from a page to see is image post. Yes, uploading an image with little information can create massive engagement than uploading text post on facebook.

If a person sees a photo, he/she stopped scrolling for a while to see what is actually in this photo. If you can create an attractive offer or anything that can attract a person through an image, they will surely come to your page.

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

3.   Video Post: Another engaging method for your facebook page is video post. Create a video with valuable information. People will love to it.

Let them know about your business program or offer through a video. If your audience find it beneficial they will share this.

And thus you can get more targeted audiences and engagements. A single social share can huge impact for you.

If you do not have any video of your business, then make some. Share with your audiences and see the outcome from them. If the result is negative, try to find the gap and then cover it.

If the result is positive, ask them what parts of the video they like the most. By doing this you can improve your audience engagement.

I am shouting to get more engagement. But how? How can you get more engagement through video posts on facebook? How this facebook marketing method works? How to get more views on facebook video?

5+ Easy Ways To Get More Views On Facebook Video

Uploading a video is not enough for you if it cannot make huge engagement. Your all hard labour will be in vain if the result is negative. The more view views you have on your video, the more engagement will create for that post.

By following some easy steps you can increase your video views. Today i am going to discuss about 5+ easy ways to get more views on facebook video. 

One point to focus on – generally there are five types of video posts on facebook. And these are –

Landscape Video Posts

Portrait Video Posts

Square Video Posts

Youtube Video Posts

Live Video Posts

Which one works better for facebook marketing? Which one is now popular to the audience? 

For a better performance you should try square video format.

Point One => Try to focus on your key point. Do not use useless data or anything that is not related to your topic.  

Point Two => Try to use call to action always. Wait, what is call to action? This is a popular feature of facebook video.

According to the default system of call to action you can add anything at the end of your video. By doing that you can take your audience on your website. ( If you have any ).

Point Three => Use such a title that can attract your audience. Interesting title has the power to create more engagement than traditional title. 

Point Four => Adding a powerful thumbnail is also important to attract your target audience. Try to create a good thumbnail that your users will like. Do not use such a thumbnail that is irrelevant to your topic.

Point Five => Use high quality but short description for your video. Many people read the description first and then watch video. To catch them, you have to write a good description in short. And it will be better for you to add a link in your description. 

Point Six => Share your video link with other social media sites.If you have a website/blog, you can share this link on your blog post as well. 

Besides you can send this video link to your regular follower through inbox. 

Point Seven => When it will old, you can re-share it with your audiences. Thus what will you get is more views on your facebook video.

Again those who missed it can watch it if  you re-share it. This a useful way to increase more views on facebook video. Try this.

 Point Eight =>  The last thing you can do is facebook ads. Boost your videos with facebook ads. Thus you will get massive engagement on your video. 

4.   Link Post: This is just a simple way to let the people know about what are going to share with a link. Suppose you have a blog or website for your business.

You write about your business on your blog/website. Now you can share these with your audience on facebook. If you are planning to give some extra facilities to your customers, then write a post about this on your blog. Then share it on facebook. That’s simple.

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

5.  Stories: This is a new feature of facebook. It is almost like instagram and whatsapp stories.  You can share your text or videos as your story. People who like your page will be able to view your story if you publish any.

Generally, a facebook story stays for 24 hours. Later facebook removes it automatically. It is not a fact at all. Do something that can make your customer pay a visit to your page. 

5+ Easy Ways To Create Facebook Stories For Business

This is an easy task to do. But? As a businessman you need to be a professional one. You need to know the process. Let’s see 5+ easy ways to create facebook stories for business-

Point One => Plan what you want to share before posting stories.

Point Two => Go to your page.

Point Three => Click on Your page story or publish.

Point Four => Now click on create a story

Point Five =>  Now share what you want to. You can share images, videos, text posts. Facebook allows you to take photos too. 

Point Six => After doing all of these click on the next button. Then select it as your page story.

6.  Pin Post: Yah, you can pin a post. If you have a great offer or program, publish it and then pin it. What will happen if you pin a post? Whenever a user come to visit your page he/she will see your pinned post first. Later your other post will come serially. This will help you increase your sales.

Now we know the types of facebook posts. We can create different types of facebook posts on facebook. But i have a question now. When will you post on facebook?

At any time? Or at a certain period? Do you know anything about this? Do not worry. I am going to tell you this in detail. 

As a small business owner you have to know what is the best time for you to post on facebook. Suppose you post on facebook. But it has failed to create your expected  engagement.

So what will be your feelings? To avoid this situation and to get your expected customer and engagement, you have to master yourself about posting time on facebook. 

Though it is hard for you as you are a beginner. But why fear when Experience Hunter is here? :p

When will you post on facebook?

Actually everyone has different opinion about it. But you have to find your way. You have to research about it. Study your audience engagement, behaviour. Find their most active time. 

Yes, this can help you to find your best time to post something about your business on facebook. How to see when your audiences are active? 

Facebook itself helps you. Go to your page. Click on insights. Now everything is in front of you. Take your time and analyze your data. Try to find when your users are active most on facebook. 

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Advertise On Facebook For Small Business

Do all the tasks accordingly. You will be master in it. After doing that you can go for facebook advertisement. What is facebook advertisement of facebook marketing? Is there anything special?

The answer is yes; you will get something special with facebook advertising.

We already know that everyday many people come to facebook for many purposes. Using facebook for business promotion is one of them. Day by day, with lots of business pages, it is really difficult to get more engagement for business. Is there any opportunity to establish and to grow targeted community?

Facebook advertisements can help you to solve this issue. With facebook advertisement you can reach to your targeted audience and can make your community large. Not only that, you can reach to specific location, identify user’s interests, user’s behaviors with facebook ads.

How facebook ads works? Facebook ads allow you to customize your ads according to your own choice. They generally have 5 types of ads format for advertisers. These are-

1.     Carousel

2.   Video

3.   Photo

4.   Slideshow and

5.    Collection.

Set your audience and location. Pick your format according to your budget. It is important for you to check your budget before running any ads on facebook.

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Facebook Group For Small Business Promotion

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Facebook Group For Small Business Promotion

This is important for you to use every single opportunity of facebook. Facebook group is a great way for you if you are looking for your small business expansion. Grow your community on facebook.

Share your ideas, thoughts, plans and anything that can help your audiences. A simple thing is if they are benefited from your services they will promote your services themselves. Can’t you do it?

How To Create A Facebook Group?

A facebook group can plays a vital role for you if you are running facebook marketing for your small business. This is an easy facebook marketing strategy. Today i am gonna discuss how to create a facebook group. Let’s get started.

Point one => Login to your account on facebook. Click on create a group. Then a new window will open in front of you like this –

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business

Give a suitable name or you can set your business name as your facebook group name. Later add some people on your group. Customize your facebook group privacy.

If you want to make it private then click on private. If you want to set it as public, click on public. If your group is public everyone can see your group activities.

Point Two => Give your group description. In this step you need to add group description, tags and location. Add suitable tags. Tags will help other people to find your group.

Point Three => Now you have to add a cover photo. Add if you have your own business picture. If you do not have any,add relevant picture according to your niche.

Point Four => Select your group type. Facebook will display many group types options. Choose your one. You can add them from ‘add members’ option.

Point Five => Now all you have to do is to invite other people to your group. Thus you can get more audiences from your group.

Now you are all set. Remember one thing. If you want a good engagement from your group, you have to post regularly. And it will be more better if you can create events regularly. These things attract audiences.

Point Six => It is important for you. Add your facebook page link on your group.

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Facebook Messenger For Business Promotion

Facebook Marketing Strategy For Small Business
Source : Buffer

Is it odd to you? For the first time I also started thinking like – ‘wait! What? What is this? Messenger? How it can help man? How?’. But guys, messenger can be your strong weapon for business promotion.

Maximum business man provide business offers directly through message on messenger. Thus people get program message directly. That is why they do not need to find if anyone is giving any offer or not.

Facebook Marketing Strategy – Connect With Your Customers

Be with your customers. Listen to what they are saying about your business. Analyze their opinions when you are running any campaign. Provide them correct information.

Reply them if they knock you through inbox. Thus you can build a good trust with your audience. It is also important to build trust with customers. 

Point To Be Noted

If you think that you cannot do that all by yourself, you can hire a social media marketer for this. Experienced Social Media Marketer knows how to grow your small business with facebook marketing strategy.

So honey, do not worry about this. Or, else if you cannot find social media marketer for your facebook marketing you can contact with us. Let me introduce a unique Digital Marketing Agency In Bangladesh.


Optimiser provides you all services of Digital Marketing ( Social media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing and marketing, growth hacking, graphics design, influence marketing etc ) . Have a try.


Let me finish this facebook marketing ideas for small business. I hope you understand how to grow a small business with the help of facebook marketing strategy.

No other social media can give you such a massive community. With a proper facebook marketing strategy you can taste a good result of it.

Though it is a long post to read, I think it is helpful for you. If it is helpful, share it with your friends on social media. And if it is not helpful comment below and describe the point for the better improvement of this article.

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