How To Start A Blog On WordPress | Beginner’s Guide To Start In 2019

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

So you have purchased domain and hosting for your blog. I dropped a link below for you if you still don’t know about domain and hosting. Here is your article –

Detailed Information Of Domain And Hosting

Before going to start your blog you need to know about blog and blogging. Why i add this question here? Suppose someone ask you about to define blog / blogging. And if you can’t answer him / her then what the situation will be ?

Would you like to make yourself a fool in front of other people ? You start blogging and you actually don’t know anything about blog & blogging. Isn’t it a joke ? If your answer is no then read this article properly. Here i tried to describe everything. Let’s start reading –

What Is Blog ?

Blog is like a diary. What do you do with your diary ? You write as you like. You write anything on your diary. Again some people write only special events of their life. It’s very simple. Just pick your diary and pen. Then start writing. Isn’t it simple ?

Your diary keeps everything. Blog is almost like this. But there is a little difference. Without internet and domain, hosting you can’t run a blog. Blog is an online place where you can keep your story , your daily activities or anything else you like.

Let’s read the definition of blog according toWikipedia

 A blog (a truncation of “weblog“) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

According to Cambridge English Dictionary – 

The definition of a blog is  – a regular record of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you put on the internet for other people to read.

According To Dictionary – 

a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.

So the point we get from these definitions are blog is written with experiences or opinions or with any other activities. 

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

What Is Blogging ?

Blogging ! wah what is that ? anything to eat or to wear ? Hm? 🙂 .. Blog and blogging are two different things. Blog is a way to keep your idea. And blogging is a way to write your blog. Yah that is pretty much  simple. You can write at any time. Whenever you have free time you can write posts for your blog. 

For your better understanding check some definitions of blogging below – 

According to Yourdictionary – 

The definition of blogging is the process of writing a blog, an online journal in which you share your thoughts about a particular subject with readers. 

What is the reason of your blogging ? 

Well, you want to start blogging. But do you think for a second , do you ask questions like these – 

Why am i going to start blogging ?

What are the reasons of my blogging ?

What will I write about ?

What is the motto of my blog ? 

Well, there may be many reasons behind to start blogging. Every person has different ideas, different opinions. As like that every blogger has different reasons of blogging. Today I have tried to focus on most of the important reasons. Check these reasons below – 

  • Share your story : you have plenty of stories. You already shared these with your friends, family, colleagues. But, you are not satisfied.  You want to share these with more people using online. That could be a reason for your blogging. You are a storyteller now. Again many people share their daily activities through their blog. They let other people know about their daily life. They love to make massive community through a blog. It is amazing. Just think what this online can do. 
  • Want to Earn money :  here comes the main reason. You heard a lot about blogging. You heard people are earning money through blogging. You heard anybody can earn by blogging. Day after day you have searched a lot and read many blog posts on online. And then you have decided to start a blog and to earn from blogging. Am i right my friend ? 


Yes, ask  blogger around you. Maximum of them will give you a positive answer. Yes. sure, after searching and reading people think blogging is a very easy way to earn money. Hahaha. 

And all of these situations inspired you to start blogging. So earn from blogging can also be a reason of blogging. 

  • Want to Share Your Skill : Okay, imagine you are skilled in web design or web development. And you want to share your activities, your skill through online. That is why you start blogging. Well , that’s a great choice. I appreciate your idea. Just do a google search and you will see there are many people who are doing the same as your idea. Because they want a global recognition, they want global reputation. They want the world to see how they are performing in their sectors. Yoo, so why will you stay behind ? Start showing your skill. Let the world know who you are and what you can do. Let the world know your capability. And do you know what will you see? You will see you are much more than you were thinking in your past days. You will also realize you have inner power. Try not to stop this. You have a blog, spread your skills.
  • Want to expand your business : Opps! You are a businessman honey ? And you are looking for expanding your business. Well if you have a blog you can do that easily. Through a blog anyone can expand business, can promote their brand awareness. It is a popular way to create more engagement in your business and to reach more people. 

How to create a blog on WordPress In 2019?

So finally you have decided to start your blog. That is why you have already purchased domain and hosting too. Well, well. But do you know how to start a blog ?

There are two options for you.  If you don’t have domain and hosting, if you want to go for free, or if you don’t like to spend money for domain & hosting you can use free platforms in order to create a blog for you. Yeah! You can create a blog without any cost. Just spend some megabytes. If you are looking for free then you can use these CMS ( Content Management Software ) – 


Why i mentioned only two platforms ? It’s simple. These are very much popular among blogger. And maximum blogger love to use these two CMS for blogging. 

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Which platform is the best to start blogging ? 

Before going to start this discussion , check some well known platform by which you can easily create your own blog. Here is a list of some CMS – 

  3. Blogger
  4. Joomla
  5. Hostgator
  6. Wix
  7. Squarespace
  8. Site123
  9. Drupal
  10. Sitebuilder
  11. Jimdo
  12. Dotclear ( Is Not Available ). 

    Though there are many platforms but i will suggest you to start blogging with  WordPress. Now a question may come in your mind that how you can start your blog with WordPress. Check the answer  below –

How to start blogging with WordPress ?

Go to your C panel. Log in then go to below. You will see something like this picture –

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Try to find Apps Installer from your Cpanel. Then click on wordpress. And then follow the instructions and complete your set up process. It’s very easy. Don’t be afraid. After completing the installation process wordpress will give you a password. Save this password in your word, excel or gmail. You need this password to login into wordpress admin panel. 

The interface of your wordpress admin panel will look like this –  

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Now you have a wordpress blog site. All you need to do is to set a theme for your blog. Form where will you add a theme ?

Check this picture below – 

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Go to appearance > themes > add new. Click on add new options. And  then you will see many options to select your desired theme. 

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

You will see some options are available there. 

  1. Featured ( shows themes randomly )
  2. Popular ( shows popular themes only )
  3. Latest ( serves latest themes )
  4. Favourites  ( serves favourites themes )
  5. Feature Filter ( let you help to find your theme according to your choice. It will show you many filter options. Just select options which you want to have on your theme and let wordpress search it. )

See this picture – 

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

There are lots of options here. If you want to get only blog theme then click on blog option. Then click on “Apply Filter”. You can select specific features  that you want on a theme. Just arrange everything as you like. Then you will get many themes. Select any one from them and active it. 

But there is a question. Many new blogger ask which theme is the best for blogging. Because there are many themes available on wordpress which make bloggers confuse. Again many of them are not like you want to have. So which are the best WordPress themes ?

Here is your answer. Check the list below and grab your theme – 

  1. Bam 
  2. iMax
  3. Lifestyle Magazine
  4. Cali
  5. Cream Magazine
  6. WP Mint Magazine
  7. Vogue

 You can use these themes. Personally i am using Bam and Lifestyle Magazine. I am not forcing you to use as your blog theme. These are easy to use and have many features. You can choose any theme from theme option and active it. 

After activating your theme, you have a little work to do. Click on customize.

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Then option will come like this picture –

How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

Now change everything. You can customize anything from customize option. Give a best outlook of your  new blog. 

Well , you are almost done. Now create your first post and start writing. Start your blogging journey. 

Tips to make your blog more attractive to your visitor. 

Don’t be too  happy. You have done only few steps of blogging. You have miles to go before you sleep. Hahaha. You are a blogger now and you have many responsibilities too. You need to make your blog more attractive for your visitor. So what you have to do ? 

Here i am giving you some tips to make your blog more attractive. I will discuss all these points later on another blog post.  Check some tips below – 

  1. Use responsive design. Always try to use a responsive design for blog. Because responsive design makes your site easier to use. 
  2. Use theme banner. If your theme has a header banner option then don’t miss this. Try to use this theme banner. According to famous blogger using a theme banner attracts visitors a lot. 
  3. Learn how to work with “Advertise with  us”. Many popular blogger mentioned it on their blog. 
  4. Learn how to use statistics on your blog. Through statistics you can track your site performance. And thus you can improve your blog performance.
  5. Try to know your audience. If you know your targeted audience then making content for them will  become easy for you. 
  6. Use about us section so that people can easily know about your blog.
  7. Try to post regularly. Thus your visitor will get an updated blog. And each day they will come to see your new post. If you can’t post regularly then make 3 or 4 posts a week. But remember, don’t  make long gap between your new and previous uploaded post. 
How To Start A Blog | Ultimate Guideline For Beginner's To Start In 2019

How to Earn from Blog ? 

Opps. You read my post till this point. Amazing. The hottest question on the blogging world is “How to earn from blog”. Well, it is not hard to answer.

Actually there are many ways to earn from a blog. If you have a blog , you can  make huge amount of money. There is no limitation of earning.

If you can make your blog famous and if you have tons of visitors then you can a huge amount of money from a blog. But the question is how you can earn money from blog. 

Here you go. Here i am giving you some tips to earn money from blogging. Check this below – 

  • Google Adsense : Google adsense is the best and easy way to earn money by blogging. To get approval you need to post unique and quality content on your blog. If your blog can fill up their requirements google will allow you to show their ads on your blog. And once you get approval from google your earning will also start. 
  • Other Ad Networks : As like Google Adsense you can use other Ad Networks on your blog. But remember if you are running ads from google then using 2/3  ad networks will be good for your blog. Don’t run lots of ad networks with Google Ads. It will bring bad results for you. 
  • Ebook : You can earn by selling Ebooks on your blog. Try to know about people’s interest and create Ebook based on their interest. 
  • Online Courses : The best example of earning money by selling online courses is Udemy. Just go to Udemy and see how they are presenting everything. Everyday thousands of people visit their website and enroll in many courses. Just imagine how much they are earning by selling one tutorial to 1000+ students. 
  • Affiliate Marketing : Another hot way to earn from a blog is use affiliate marketing. If you can do affiliate marketing properly you can earn more than showing ads on your blog. Note: Study well and get enough knowledge before starting affiliate marketing. It is not so simple. Once you can master yourself in affiliate marketing , you will earn tons of dollars. 
  • Selling Plug Ins, Themes, Applications  : You can also earn by selling your own themes, plug ins , applications. Just place  them nicely and do your marketing perfectly. Then see the result. 
  • Webinar : If you are a video maker then try to make some webinar.Sell it through your blog. Earn money. It’s simple. But try to make webinar that can help a person, try not to use any prank videos or anything like this. 


Time to stop writing this article. Here I just tried to describe how you can open a blog and tried to focus on relevant thing. So now i hope you are about to create your first post and to start your blogging journey. Best of luck. 

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