A Short Interview Of Anup Deb Nath | Taken By Muntasir Mahdi

Interview with Anup Deb Nath – Digital Marketer and Blogger

Muntasir Mahdi is the best digital marketer in Bangladesh. He has
experience working in more than six mini start-ups.He had found that nothing satisfies him more than meeting new peopledeveloping new relationshipssolving problems, and contributing to the overall growth of a business.

He took a short interview of me today. Below I put all things he asked me. Let’s check-

This short interview was recorded over Email.

Who is Anup Deb Nath?

Anup Deb Nath is a content writer and a blogger too. He loves blogging. It is a passion of him. Everyday he spends his leisure time to develop his writing skills, to generate more ideas and to research. He always tries to make his content more attractive to his readers. Besides content writing and blogging, he has experiences of trading and web design. In order to learn trading he had invested many years. Right now he spends busy time with all of these.


That’s more about him in his interview.

Lets hop into it!

Interview with Anup Deb Nath

Muntasir Mahdi: Hello Mr. Anup! How are you today?

Anup Deb Nath: Fine, What about you?

Muntasir Mahdi: I’m Great Actually! So, i think it will be better if we talk more about yourself today. What do you say?

Anup Deb Nath: Yeah sure. Let’s start a conversation. What you want to know?

Muntasir Mahdi: Great! So, tell me more about your work. What do you do Actually?

Anup Deb Nath: Well, I am a marketer actually! I am working in Marico Bangladesh Ltd since 3 October 2016. I don’t get enough time because of this work. However i managed myself and besides this when I get free time I spend them in learning content writing and programming. You will be pleased to hear that I have learnt web design too. Aren’t they cool enough?

Muntasir Mahdi: Obviously man! That’s cool! So, Since how long you are doing marketing and blogging?

Anup Deb Nath: Marketing is for 3 years and still doing it. Blogging? I started blogging in 3 May 2019. Doing Blogging is a great experience for me.

Muntasir Mahdi: Good to hear that! So what is your great achievement as a blogger? And yeah, don’t forget to tell us about your best achievement as a marketer too!

Anup Deb Nath: As a blogger I have focused on content writing and content marketing. I shared my experiences with people specially on Quora. You know what? Everyday I got 40+ requests of content writing questions from people on Quora and they started sharing my content in their social media. As a new blogger it’s a great achievement for me. And as a marketer I know how to keep a visitor for a long time on a blog. I find a way of it and I keep my audiences successfully on my blog. And thus daily time on my site increased a lot. Here I am giving you a proof below:

Alexa Ranking Scree Capture

Just one month ago daily time on my blog was below 30 minutes. And 2 months ago it was below 20 minutes. So spending time improved a lot. And it’s a sign that indicates my visitors are interested to spend time on my blog more than their previous time.

Muntasir Mahdi: That’s actually great! Okay tell me something. How do you see the future of blogging in Bangladesh?

Anup Deb Nath: Nowadays blogging is very popular. Though the number of blogger in our country is not huge but one day it will be. Because many people started thinking outside of the box. Many of them started doing something through blogging, online shop and through many purposes. Future of blogging in our country will be be very good. But we have to wait a little bit for this change.

Muntasir Mahdi: Appreciate your concern! One last question! Say something for the new bloggers of Bangladesh.

Anup Deb Nath: I think we should talk blogging as a passion. Because passion never fails. And yes, master yourself with time. That’s it.

Muntasir Mahdi: Thank you so much Mr. Anup for your time.

Anup Deb Nath: Welcome.

So, that’t it!

After interviewing Mr. Anup, Mahdi thinks him as a better blogger and a future digital marketer in bangladesh. What do you think?

Do you want to be interviewed? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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