Kali Puja & Diwali – Celebrating Kali Puja

Kali Puja - You Need To Know These Things
Kali Puja – You Need To Know These Things

Devi Kali is known as a special goddess to the traditional religions. Many of us may not know the meaning of the word Kali. The word Kali means black or pure black. And Kali is a feminine word . The worship of the mother form of Devi Kali is very popular among Sanatan religion people.

The other name of the goddess Kali is Kalika, Shema etc. Again many of the people worship Goddess Kali as Mahakali, Rakshakali, Shashankali, Bhadrakali, Dakkhinakali, Nishakali, Ratantikali, Kamakali at different temples.

Time Of Kali Puja

When the new moon comes just after Durga Puja, Devi Kali is worshiped. Some even call it Deepannita Kalipuja. Later, in the month of Magh, Ratanti kalipuja is performed and in the month of Jaistha Falharini Kalipuja is performed.

Methods and materials of Kalipuja – Kali Puja At Home

Much like Durga Puja, the Goddess Kali is worshiped by placing idols in the temple or inside the house. Worship is held on the night of the new moon by chanting Mantras. Then various kinds of fruits, luchi, prasad are offered in front of the idol of the Goddess. Also, the goat is offered as a sacrificial lamb or buffalo in worship of the Goddess. And many people may know that in ancient times, the custom of offering Narbali ( Offering Human as material for worship was known as Narbali ) was practiced in Kalipuja.

China Rose is one of the materials of Kali Puja. In addition to China Rose, materials like sandalwood, pusup, incense, lamp etc. are used as puja materials. Also, many worship Goddess Kali with the ink which is called Swastika. Swastika marks are usually painted with fingernails. Goddess worship is done through aarti, call and meditation.

Below is a brief description of the various varieties of Goddess Kali mentioned above –

Rakkhakali – Rakkhakali is basically another form of protection. In ancient times the Goddess Rakkhakali was worshiped as Guard to protect the city. Many worship the Goddess to seek salvation from mourning. Again She is also called Navanna Kali. The lion is near to her.

Dakkhinakali – The main form of Goddess Kali is Dakkhinakali. She is worshiped in almost all levels of society. Other forms of Goddess Kali is worshiped by changing some of the lines of her praying method. But above all other forms of Goddess Kali Dakkhinakali is the most famous idol of her.

The color of her body is like the Mahamegh. Her weapon is the sword and the vessel is Shrigal. Things need to added here is – the Goddess Kali’s right foot is on Shiva’s chest and this form of her is called as Dakshinakali. She is also considered as the status, goddess of energy and also considered as companion of Lord Shiva.

Bhadrakali –Another famous form of Goddess Kali is Bhadrakali. In Sanatan religion, Bhadrakali is considered as a special form of superpower. According to the Mahabharata, Devipuran and Kalikapuran, Bhadrakali is another name of the Goddess Durga ( Goddess Durga is also considered as the Goddess of Ultimate Power ) .

Shashankali – Another form of Goddess Kali is Shashankali. Usually this form of deity is worshiped in the crematorium. Many people consider this goddess as the occupant goddess of the crematorium. Although the goddess is worshiped in cremation ground, she is not worshiped in public or inside the house.

Ratantikali – Another form of Goddess Kali is Ratantikali.
According to the Scriptures, the name of Krishnachaturddashi Tithi of the month of Magh is Ratanti. This puja is performed during the evening on this date of the month of Magh.

Many people worship Ratantikali exclusively through the priesthood to have sons and daughters. Not only this, Peolple who wanted to increase their wealth worship Ratantikali during a special full moon of the year. They believe that by doing this She will be pleased and give blessed them with wealth and prosperity.

Nishakali – Though Nishakali is another form of Devi Kali, there are different thoughts about Nishakali. There is a very well known saying about Nishakali. According to ancient people, she was considered as the protector of fishermen who used to went to sea on a catastrophic night. And there is also a very interesting thing. Do you know that ?

But the truth is that the boat that had the flower of his feet would never sink. Isn’t it make you crazy ? Isn’t it amazing ? Besides, this Goddess is also known for overcoming from fear.

Kammokali – So, as we are moving with this article we read a lot about many forms of Devi Kali. Now we are going to read something about Kammokali. Kammokali is actually an another form of Devi Kali. Generally Kali puja that is performed with special prayer is known as Kammokali Puja.

The methods of worship are very much like those of the Dakkhinakali Puja.

We Discussed A Lot About Devi Kali. Now Let’s Started Discovering Something Of Diwali.


Deepabali, a festival of light, is an important festival of Sanatan Religion. It is performed in Kali Puja. Usually on this day, people of Sanatan religion lit lamps and candles in their homes. It is said that lamps are lit as a symbol of dispossession of evil.

People of Sanatan religions believe that Diwali is the symbol of victory of auspicious power and can defeat the evil forces.

Also, North Indian Hindus believe that on this day of Diwali, the Goddess Laxmi arrives if you kept your house clean and lit the candle, lamps all night. However, both Kalipuja and Diwapli are very popular to the traditional worshipers.

This festival is celebrated with lots of fun and also celebrated with illumination throughout the year.On the day of Diwali, the lights shone from house to house. People started decorating their house with lights, lamps as they want. Many people draw Alpana inside the house and also in front of their house.

Many are exposed to different types of fireworks. Due to the variety of colors of fireworks, the sky also shines through.

On this day many people started arranging many cultural and traditional program. There many people performed religious songs, acts etc. People form many places come to see this program.

Guys Let’s Check This Diwali Animation –

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