Laxmi Puja – What You Must Refuse

Laxmi Puja
Laxmi Puja

Laxmi Puja – The Greatest & Most Popular Festival of Sanatan Religion. This festival day is celebrated every year on Kojagori Purnima ( Full Moon ).

Most Popular Festival Of Sanatan Religion

Hei Guys Welcome back to . Today. in this article i am going to share information of Laxmi Puja and some important thing that you must have to refuse in Laxmi Puja. So ? What are you waiting for baby ? Let’s start –


Goddess Laxmi – According to Sanatan Religion Devi Laxmi is commonly known as the Goddess of Wealth. Devi Laxmi is the better-half of Lord Narayan. Her another name is MahaLaxmi.
You will see that an owl is always with Devi Laxmi.

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Laxmi Puja – Listen Music

On Every Thursday Devi Laxmi is worshiped by Sanatani Women at home. Besides this every year on the Kojagori Purnima / full moon after Durga puja people of Sanatan Religion started celebrating this festival. In many porch people bring statue of Devi Laxmi for worshiping.

People started inviting their dearest and nearest one to come home in order to join in worship of Devi Laxmi with them. It is also an opportunity to pass a day with all beloved people.

Before starting worship, all you need to do at first is to clean the place where worship will start. The popular thing among all Sanatani People is they started drawing snacks with leg of Devi Laxmi. Guys , guys , let us see some snacks drawing of Devi Laxmi –

Okay Guys – Now Come to the point – people do worship of Devi Laxmi so that Goddess Laxmi may bless them with wealth, prosperity and many more.

But while doing worship of Goddess Laxmi you need to stay away from some things. You must refuse these things. So what are these things actually ? Let’s check below –

==> Laxmi leaves if there is any dishes made of iron. That is why you Be careful when decorating the dishes.

==> Don’t and never ring the bell in Laxmi Puja. Use other materials of puja/festival.

==> Don’t use Basil Leaves in Laxmi Puja. Goddess Laxmi don’t like basil leaves. So be careful about this.

==> Maximum people do their worship in the evening. Again there are some people who do their worship in day. If you are willing to do your worship in day ( before evening ) it will be good for you to do it before 9/10.00 a.m.

==> Never place statue of Goddess Laxmi on black or white clothes.

==> Place the lamp or incense on the right side of Devi Laxmi’s statue.

So guys this is all today. Hope you will obey these things and stop yourself doing this.

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