Make Money With Google AdSense In 2019

What is google adsense? How to make money with google adsense?

Most of us may hear about Google AdSense. The leading ad service provider. A blogger or youtuber can describe it perfectly. To generate income from online maximum blogger or youtuber use ad services of AdSense. But do you know how to earn money with Google AdSense ?

Hi guys welcome back to Experience Hunter . Today, in this article i am gonna describe this issue. Let’s start.

How To Earn Money From A Blog In 2019

Your Ultimate Guideline To Generate More Income

What is google adsense?

Google AdSense is an advertisement service of Google. Through AdSense Google show ads on your blog. If you are a blogger and you want to earn from advertising program of Google you need to monetize your blog.

Why google adsense?

The answer to this question is why Don’t try this?  Google adsense is the leading ad serving company. Though there are many alternative ad networks of it, but no other ad serving company can provide facilities like google adsense.  It provides facilities of 

  • Geo tracking
  • Device tracking
  • Balance checking
  • Performance Checking 
  • Platform Checking  and many more facilities. 

You can customize these boxes and move them from here to there. Again you can pin anyone of these boxes so that you don’t need to find it later on AdSense.  Yah wah ( :p ) aren’t these very simple? Here i am gonna show you a picture for your fucking understand –

How To start with Google Adsense? 

Before going to start with adsense my request to you is please read their privacy policyprogram policy and eligibility requirements. It is fucking important for you to know their terms and conditions. Why am I saying this? Yes,, there are some people who think that getting approval from AdSense is easy. Even, they are not aware of AdSense’s policy and eligibility criteria. That’s why many of these people don’t get approval from AdSense and start shouting.

Before going to start with adsense i would like to request you to read their privacy policy and eligibility criteria. 

It is not a big deal to open an account with Google adsense. Sign up process us fucking easy. Don’t worry about that. Most of us have email account. With this email we can complete our sign up process with AdSense. Here is how to go – 

At first go to Google Adsense Homepage. You will see Get Started option on their menu bar. Click this button. After that a page appears to you like the picture given below –

Now what you have to do is to write your site name and your email address on the input box. Later click on “Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions.” Then follow the next procedure. After successful submission Google will review your site and it will take some time. Generally it takes a few hours to a few days to approve a website. Keep patient if you are not approved instantly.

970 x 90 – (Super Leaderboard)
970 x 90 – (Super Leaderboard)

Notice – if they find anything on your site which violate their program policy or any other rules they will notify you about this issue through an email. If so, then fix them and apply again. 

But if everything is okay then you will get a “congratulation message” from Google AdSense like this image – 

Yo brother, you have done all these tricky tasks. Now you have your  “egg laid chicken”. Just try to cope up with all rules of AdSense. 

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How many posts you have to publish

Yeah! This is the most common question I have heard. A beginner is confused about this. Yeah! Being confused they start asking this question in facebook groups and in other social media platforms. But do you know you do not get a fixed answer for this? What a fucking situation it is!

Actually there is no limit. Many people published 50/60+ posts but their site didn’t approve by AdSense. On the other hand, there are people who got their website approved having few posts.

So what are the differences? Can you guess? What? What could be ?

Yes, there are differences.  What you have to do in order to get approval from AdSense are listed below – 

  1. Don’t copy other article. Try to publish unique and high quality content.
  2. Don’t post anything that violates their program and privacy policies. 
  3. Don’t publish adult content.
  4. Don’t publish harmful content.

If your site has genuine and good quality content, your site will be approved within few hours. My blog Experience Hunter was approved within 6 hours. Try to be transparent. Follow their rules and use AdSense wisely. That’s it.

Length of post

Yeah. Length of post is also crucial. In general, 700+ word for a blogpost is considered as a good format. Less than this number ( 700+ word ) can’t create impact for a blog. If you want you can publish posts using 1000/1500 or even 2000+ word. Let me show you some fucking screenshots- 

Notice??? Just check their content size. It is your choice and no one gonna ask you questions like -”Why did you publish post with few words? Or why did you publish a large fucking content consists of 10k+ words?”. Your blog, your choice. But the for the betterment of your blog, try to publish post consists of 700+ words. 

Know Their Types Of Ads

After getting approval from Google AdSense you will be able to show you ads on your site. Just you have to place ads manually or automatically. There is a point for you. Google had launched its auto ad feature for blog. Use this feature. With auto ads you don’t need to place ads code manually. Google will show ads automatically. Here is a look of auto ads for a site –

Google displays different types of ads on a site. Such as article ads, native ads, display ads, in-page ads, matched content, anchor ads. With auto ad service Google place these types of ads on your site automatically.

How To Make Money With Google Adsense ?

Generally AdSense gives you two options to generate your income. These are – 1) Cost Per Click ( CPC ) and 2) Cost Per Impression ( CPM ) . To boost your revenue you need visitors for your blog. The more visitors you have the more earning opportunities you will get.

Some Tips To Boost Your Revenue With Google AdSense

  • Research your keywords before publishing a blog post.
  • Try to publish high quality content for your blog.
  • Try to post consistently. Thus your reader can understand that your blog is a running blog and they will be benefited from it. 
  • Use wise color for your website. Don’t use any color that can irritate a user.
  • Don’t try to place many ads. As i mentioned above about auto ads, you don’t need to place ads code manually. Try to use auto ads feature instead of using manual placement.

You can activate this feature from your AdSense account at any time. But if you don’t like to show ads automatically you can stop this and then place your ads manually.

  • Refrain yourself from spamming. 
  • Try to use responsive theme for your blog. 
  • Connect google analytics with adsense. By doing this you can do a better experiment for your blog. 

Off Topic :: Don’t worry if you don’t get approval from Google Adsense. There is always alternative(‘s). Below i have given a post link. You will get many alternatives of Google Adsense. Try anyone of these on your blog. Best of Luck.

Best Alternatives Of Google Adsense. Boost Your Income Today.

Know the alternatives of Google Adsense.

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