Most Oldest Women You Need To Check But……….

Most Oldest Women You Need To Check But..........
Most Oldest Women You Need To Check But..........
Most Oldest Women You Need To Check But……….

There is a proverb that “Man is mortal”. Yes, surely, but there are some people in this world who lived more than hundred years. Many of them are still living ( will talk about in my next post ), many of them died. But the question is do we know few of them ? Today, in this article, i am going to discuss about this topic. I have separated the list of men and women. Here i am going to publish the list of women.

10. Jeanne Calment
Born in : 21 February 1875
Birth Place : Arles, France
Died : 4 August 1997
She was known as Jeanne Louise Calment, the oldest woman, had one daughter named Yvonne. In 1988 when she was 112, she was reported as the oldest living woman widely.

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09. Sarah Knauss
Born in : September 24, 1880
Birth Place : Hollywood, Pennsylvania, United States
Died : December 30, 1999.
Sarah Knauss , the ninth most oldest woman , got married with Abraham LincoIn, had a daughter who also crossed 100+ age. However after the death of Marie-Luise Meilleur, she became the most oldest person.

08. Nabi Tajima
Born In : 4 August 1900
Birth Place : Japan
Died : 21 April 2018
Nabi was another centenarian from Japan, was one of the women who lived more than 100 years. She was also the fourth most oldest centenarian in Japan.

07. Lucy Hannah
Born In : 16 July 1875
Birth Place : United States
Died : 21 March 1993
Lucy Hannah ,an American supercentenarians, is generally considered as the second oldest person of United States.

.06. Marie-Louise Meilleur
Born In : August 29, 1880
Birth Place : Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Died : April 16, 1998.
Marie-Louise Meilleur, a Canadian centenarian, who is the most oldest validated Canadian ever. The interesting fact is she had not only just 2/3 child, she had 12 child in total.

05. Violet Brown
Born In : 10 March 1900
Birth Place : Duanvale, Trelawny, British Jamaica
Died : 15 September 2017
Violet Brown, a Jamaican centenarian, was the fifth oldest person at her time . Her cause of death were dehydration and cardiac arrhythmia. Leave that point, she was the first verified Jamaican Woman.

04. Emma Morano
Born In : 29 November 1899
Birth Place : Civiasco, Vercelli, Italy
Died : 15 April 2017.
Emma, an Italian centenarian, was known for the oldest verified person from Italy as well as the oldest living person between the year 2016-2017.

03. Chiyo Miyako
Born In : 2 May 1901
Birth Place : Japan
Died : 22 July 2018
Chiyo Miyako, a Japanese centenarian, became the second oldest living person after the death of Violet Brown.

02.Misao Okawa
Born In : 5 March 1898
Birth Place : Japan
Died : 1 April 2015.
Misao Okaw, was notable for the oldest living woman in the year of 2013, 2014 and 2015, also the oldest Japanese and Asian person ever, died of heart failure.

01. María Capovilla
Born In : 14 September 1889
Birth Place : Guayaquil, Ecuador
Died : 27 August 2006.
Here comes the first person of the list of most oldest woman. The special thing is that Guinness World Records recognized her as the world’s most oldest living person.

N.B ==> Information is collected from internet , specially from wikipedia. If you find any wrong notify me.

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