Most Subscribed Indian Youtube Channels | 2019

Most Subscribed Indian Youtube Channels
Most Subscribed Indian Youtube Channels

From sports to technology sector Indian people are now making themselves expert from different point of view. They started to cope up with the revolution of present era. They are not far behind from the section of social media sharing site as well as video sharing site like youtube. Most of the famous people of India successfully grow their business by using youtube throughly. A youtube channel , just a youtube channel brings massive change to their business as well. Today, in this article, i am going to discuss about some of the most subscribed youtube channels which are now famous in whole India.

10.. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs ||

From starting to now, this channel uploaded 304+ videos on their youtube channel. Total subscribers of this channel are 2,38,40,598. Total views in amount are 17525229598. Though this channel has not much amount of videos , but it can easily understand that their watch time of per day is really high. This channel started its journey on 9 February 2013 and their base of category is Education. Subscriber ranking of this channel is 72. According to video ranking it is in 19th position.

09.. Speed Records
Speed Records started its journey on 22 November 2012. A 7 years old youtube channel is now on 71th position according to subscriber ranking and in the position of 55th from Video View Ranking. Generally they uploaded music category based video on their channel. This channel uploaded more than 7041+ videos from their starting to till now. Total video viwes = 11848632655. This channel has 23912360 subscribers..

08.. Goldmines Telefilms
Goldmines Telefilms started its journey on 21 January 2012. This channel uploaded video based on film category. Though if is in number eight , it has just only 405 videos on its youtube channel. Whatever if they has a low amount of videos, their video views will shock you more. Till now it has a total amount of 3410485759+ views and has a total number of 24331383 subsribers. Their subscriber ranking is 65 and Video View Ranking is 542.

07.. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane
Shemaroo Filmi Gaane, seventh most subscribed youtube channel in India, started its journey on 11 June 2010, the oldest one youtube channel of India too. This channel uploads music category videos on its channel. If you are fond of listening old bollywood songs, you are cordially invited to watch this channel’s videos.You will see lots of old bollywood songs there. In total, it has 24514050 subscribers and 11111378917+ video views in total. Number of uploaded videos on this channel is 6133+.

06 .. Wave Music
Wave Music , another most subscribed Indian youtube channel, started its journey on 29 October 2014, is generally a music category based youtube channel. It has uploaded 17853+ videos. Just only in the past 30 days it got 603549000+ video views. So , it is growing rapidly, without any doubt. It has 17853+ videos and 25341013 subscribers. Total number of video views of this channel is 16615311224.

05.. Sony Music India
Sony Music India, fifth most subscribed and popular Indian youtube channel, started its journey on 2 September 2009. Basically this channel uploads music category based videos on their channel. It has uploaded 2440+ videos already and has 25900379 subscribers. Total number of video views of this channel is 10058103085. Their last 30 days video views is 230507700.

04.. Zee TV
Zee TV, entertainment based youtube channel, started its journey on youtube on 11 December 2005, has already uploaded 88503+ videos. It is also considered as one of the most oldest youtube channel in whole India. It has 30253687+ subscribers and 30565690681 video views. Last 30 days video views of this channel is 3211890000.

03.. Zee Music Company
Zee Music Company, another music category based as well as most subscribed its journey on youtube on 12 March 2014, has uploaded 4291+ videos on their youtube channel. This channel has now 3879243+ subscribers and 17972580650+ video views. Their subscriber ranking is 17.

02.. SET India
SET India is an entertainment category based youtube channel, India’s third most subscribed youtube channel, started its journey on 20 September 2006. Its subscriber ranking is 10. Do you know how much video has benn uploaded on this channel ?? Only 31311+ videos ( :p ). However, their estimated video views is 34654758236+. This second most subscribed youtube has 49529051+ subscribers. Their amount of last 30 days video views is remarkable ( 141392700+ video views ) .

01.. T-Series
T-Series, the giant as well, not only in India but also most subscribed channel in the world according to Global Report. This channel began its journey on 13 March 2006 and also considered as one of the most oldest youtube channel of India. It, generally, uploads music category videos on its channels. It is in first in video view ranking. Besides it is the first channel that achieved the milestone of 100 million subscriber. Do you know the amount of subscribers of this channel??? It has 101738491+ subscribers and number of total views is 73130267300+ .

N.B ==> Information of this post is collected from online, social blade and from youtube too. If you fine any wrong notify me.

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