National Park Lawachara – Natural beauty

National Park Lauachara - Natural beauty

National Park Lauachara – Natural beauty

This is our Bangladesh, the land of natural beauty. Nature has arranged itself in every place in this country. One of the unavoidable signs of this beauty is our national park Lauachara. The real natural beauty you need to visit.

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Know Where It Is Located In

The national park is located in the Kamalganj upazila of Sylhet Division’s Moulvibazar district. The park, its biodiversity, has become a spectacular place for people with its beauty. Lauachara is one of the best known gardens of Bangladesh. Although the main sights of our country are the Sundarbans, the popularity of Lauachara is high too.

Lauachara has taken place after the Sundarbans in popularity.
This forest is famous for its rare species of insects, insects, insects and especially for many species of plants. Lauachara is also one of the seven wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh.

When It Got Recognition??

Although the area of ​​the national park is 2740 hectares, according to the “Wildlife Conservation Act-1974”, about 1250 hectares of area was recognized as a national park in 1996.

Types of flora, fauna and species

The tourist attraction has surprised tourists with its hundreds of species of plants and animals. People come from far and wide to observe this wonder of nature. According to available data, there are about 460 species of plants and wildlife in the forest till date. Also, Lauachara is a safe habitat for extinct wolf species.

You can see the owl in the forest, even when you hear the sweet rumble of birds in the lounge. Usually, they love to live with groups. As a place of residence, the high branches of the tree are quite like them. In the deep forests you will find many species of wildlife including mechobags, maya deer, hanuman, besides the owl.

Lauachara National Park is a safe habitat for a variety of snakes, as well as is the variety of birds in this forest.

About 246 species of birds mentioned below are the most remarkable – hiraman, cuckoo, bulbul, legume tia, finga, owl and many others.

In addition to wildlife, there are numerous plants in the forest. There is a great glimmer of green everywhere. Wherever it can be seen, small plants are seen standing on the floor spreading branches. There are about 167 species of plants in this forest.

Notable of these are – Shimul, Nageshwar, Korai, Segun, roaring and many others. One thing to mention here is , you can see not only the plants in the garden, but also the different types of orchids. The structure of the forest is not flat, due to the mountain crust.

Besides, there are numerous small mounds. The path of the forest has been made mainly through the hill. In the low low tiles, you can see the mountain range in the middle. The most interesting thing is that the Dhaka-Sylhet railway line has been torn down.

Naturally this forest is surrounded by vegetation on both sides of the railway line. The jungle begins after this rail line. Upon entering the jungle, the sound of the first jerk may seem as if someone is playing a siren somewhere far away. It’s not a siren, but a jerk.

Anyone can easily come to Lauachara. However, you will need to buy a low price admission ticket for admission. You will also need to pay a small amount for car parking. Entry price has been fixed at Rs.25 for adults. Discount facilities are available for students. Students will be required to pay half of the total cost of admission to visit Lauachara.

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Arrangements for departure

You can use auto rickshaw, CNG or zip to get to Lauachara. Also, if you have your own car, you can use it to come in the national park. Those who come from far, i mean to say those who come from outside of Srimangal can come by hiring a car or by using any means of bus or train. After coming to the bus counter or train station you need to take any jeep or auto rickshaw to see this beautiful forest surrounded by greenery. 🙂 . And Look, don’t get lost in the beauty of nature.

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