Reasons Why Your Blog Is Losing Traffic

Reasons Why Your Blog Is Losing Traffic

I am pretty much sure everybody loves to have a good amount of traffic on their blog or website. Without traffic who else will read or viewed your article? Did you ever think of this question? Think yourself, you published tons of articles and have almost no visitors. ( :p )Then what will happen to your blog/website? What will happen to your valuable article? Did you ever think that issue?

Okay, fine, now let’s see another point. You have a good amount of traffic on your blog. And you are happy with it. Now let me burn you with a simple thing. 

Suppose One day morning you open your blog statistics and see something unpleasant. You see your visitors decreased a lot. And if it continued you will feel very much uncomfortable. You will start finding the solution. Right ?? 

Yeah, That’s the point I am focusing on today. If it happens then what will you do? what will your action to prevent it? Yes, there are many things behind this issue. Your traffic may fall at any time. But don’t worry. There are solutions too. Let’s talk about this – 

No Email subscription option on your blog

A blog having email subscription or newsletter service can attract more visitors to that blog. It is not only the email subscription but your content. Because visitors find your content valuable, they started looking for a subscription so that they will not miss your latest update. Is it clear to you brother? If you don’t add this to your blog, you will surely miss a huge amount of returning visitors. 

 Follow the steps to have an email subscription for your blog – 

** If you are using WordPress go to appearance and click on widgets. Here you will see all available options. Click on the Blog Subscriptions option. Then click on “Add to widget”…

 It’s done. Now you can place it on footer or sidebar as you want. If you want to add another email service you can go for mail chimp. 

No sharing of your blog

Well, you published a post on your blog. Now you want to make it viral. And fortunately (!) you didn’t keep any sharing button in your blog. Now the problem is, no matter how important post it is, people can’t share your post on social media sites directly. That’s why you will lose the audience form social media sites. So keeping sharing options on a blog is also important. 

Choose wrong niche

Niche is very important for a blog. Because there are tons of blogs build with a niche. And there you will see their niche-related content. So it’s simple. If your blog is technology-related and you are about to post nature-related content, then you will lose your visitor. Naturally, in my point of view, I will not go for the second page of your blog because it already broke my attention. 

Make Your Reader Bore

If you keep posting the same thing again and again or if you branding your company or branding yourself all over the content then visitors will not stay for a long time on your blog. On the other hand, If your reader doesn’t find your content interesting they will skip it. They will feel uncomfortable. So skipping your content is very natural. By doing this you can’t keep them for a long time. And this will be a problem for your blog. Don’t do this. Write your content like you are telling them a nice attractive story and deliver what they are looking for. 

Page Speed 

Page speed is also important for a blog. If your blog pages take long time on loading visitors will skip this page. The faster your page speed, the more attractive will it to your visitor. People love to browse the page that loads with a single second. So this also can be a cause of losing traffic. 

Bad Backlinks

Another cause of losing traffic is bad quality links. People who are involved with digital marketing and are professional bloggers know the importance of high-quality links. Try to have high-quality backlinks for your blog. The more you connect with bad quality backlinks, the more bad result it will bring for your blog. So avoiding bad quality backlinks is crucial.

Changes blog theme for several times

Well, every blog has a good theme. Theme means the outlook we see when we are browsing a blog or website. A simple or light theme is highly recommended to make your visitors spend a long time on your blog. But if you change the interface, again and again, it will then bring a very bad result for you. By this, you make your visitors more bored

Duplicate content

Write your own content. People nowadays are very clever. They search for anything online. And as they are looking for answers they must search for their items through google. And if your content contains maximum plagiarism data then it will bring a negative impact for your blog. Readers love to read a net and clean content. Try to provide them a clean content without doing plagiarism. It will sound better.

Use title that harasses your audience

I always mention giving an attractive title for every blog post. But why is it so important? Just because a maximum of visitors take their decision whether they will read the whole article or not by seeing the title. An attractive title always attracts user’s attention. If your blog doesn’t have a suitable title with your content then visitors will leave your blog soon. So, check if your blog has any harass title. Then fix it.

Having no attractive image/infographic

 Every blog post contains valuable information. Some of the blog posts are large and some of them are short. No matter what type of article it is. By adding attractive images or infographics you can attract your visitors. That’s simple. Famous blogger or YouTuber use this method to keep their visitors for a long time on their blog or youtube friendly 

No user-friendly theme

One of the important prerequisites before start blogging is to make a user-friendly blog. I mean a responsive blog yah. If your blog is user-friendly or responsive people will feel comfortable while browsing. Don’t use the complex theme on your blog. It bothers your visitor a lot.

Avoiding making internal link

You write many posts but don’t make any internal link. That may be a reason for losing traffic. Try to make as much internal link as you can. But don’t exaggerate it. Build your topic related internal link. Thus people will find their answer related more topics on your blog. If they switch from one to another link on your blog they will spend some extra time naturally. 

Changing the permalink : 

Every blogpost has a permalink. Let’s see, you shared one of your posts on social sites. And if people want to see this post they must have to click on the link. And this link is called permalink. If you change it then the link will not work you shared on social sites. So, if you bring changes on permalink you may lose traffic.

Guys now let me finish. These are some simple steps. Try not to do the things mentioned above.. You are a blogger, do the best that suits for your blog. Happy journey. <3 

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