15+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2019

15+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2019
15+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2019
15+ Social Networking Sites You Need to Know About in 2019

We all are using different types of social media platforms for different purposes. There are, at present, lots of social networking sites. Many of us already involved in multiple social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. But , guys, what are the most popular social networking sites in 2019 ? Today, in this article, i am going to discuss about these most popular social networking sites in 2019.

Position : 16.
Active Users: 260 million
Release : December 2, 2010
Viber is an instant messanging software application. It is operated by a Rakuten, a Japanese multinational company.

Position : 15
Active Users: 265 million.
Release : March, 2010
Available in : 27 languages
Pinterest is also a popular social networking site, founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp.Besides a social platform, it is a mobile application company too. This social site provides visual discovery, collection and storage tool.

Position : 14
Active Users: 310 million.
Release : December 28, 2002
Available in : 24 languages
We all know very weel about Linkedin. Linkedin, a social media platform, operated through website and moblie application, is an American Business Service. At the current time people are usiung this platform as professional networking site. Here a user can upload their CVs and employers can upload their job vacancies. A great opportunity indeed to job seekers.

Position : 13
Active Users: 320 million.
Release : March 6, 2005
Available in : Chinese language.
Douban, a Chinese social netowrking site, became popular among its users in a short time. It is such a site where a ser gets lots of features for use. A user can make content of film, books, music, recent events , their ectivities of current times and many more

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Position : 12
Active Users: 330 million.
Release : March 21, 2006
Available in : Multiple languages.
Here comes another giant and one of the most popular social networking site. Twitter, provides news and social networking services, is accessible through its website and mobile application. In total, around the world, this social platform has 25+ offices.

Position : 11
Active Users: 330 million. (same as twitter)
Release : June 23, 2005
Available in : Multiple languages.
Reddit, an American social networking site, provides facilities of voting, news publishing, submit contents to its active users. According to the information of wikipedia Reddit is the fifth most visited website in USA.

Sina Weibo
Position : 10
Active Users: 465 million.
Release : August 14, 2009
Available in : Chinese language. (Partial in English)
Sina Weibo is the tenth most popular social networking site, is also very popular to Chinese people for microbloggiong platform, is one of the biggest social media platform in China.

Position : 09
Active Users: 500 million.
Release : September 2016
Available in : 33 languages.
Tiktok, Chinese name is Douyin, is an another Chinese social media platform, is basically a video sharing site as like youtube. User of this site can share their videos like comedy, talented things etc through jtiktok. Tiktok is accessible via ios and android app. This site has two websites , one is for Chinese people and the other one is for everyone.

Position : 08
Active Users: 572 million.
Release : 1995
Owner : Tencent
A Chinese social networking site. Though it is older than other Chinese social networking sites, its popularity is still growing among users. A user gets facilities of writing blog, keeping diaries, listening music , watching videos and many more frpom Qzone.

Position : 07
Active Users: 823 million.
Release : February 1999
Owner : Tencent
OMG, Chinese people are not willing to give an inch to other social platform. QQ is an another largest social site in China. It is an instant messaging software services. Not just message service, it porovides opnline games, music, microblogging and many more facilites to its active users.

Position : 06
Active Users: 1000 million.
Release : October 6, 2010
Developer : Facebook
Available in : 36 Languages.
After many of popular social sites, now we get a site that has active users of 1000 million. Instagram, the most popular social media sharing site among internet users. It is actually a site where user can share therir photos and videos instantly.

Position : 05
Active Users: 1112 million.
Release : 21 January 2011
Developer : Tencent Holdings Limited
Available in : 20 Languages.
( 😀 ) Oh My God, here comes another Chinese Social Networking Site. WeChat , the most popular social site in China, developed by Tencent, provides facilities of messanging, social media, payment through mobile to its active users.

Facebook Messenger
Position : 04
Active Users: 1300 million.
Release : August 9, 2011
Developer : Facebook Chat
Available in : 111 Languages.
The most used messaging application in this world.It is a messaging platform where users are able to make call, send photos, videos, text etc.It is accessible through different types of android versions, windows,ios.

Position : 03
Active Users: 1600 million.
Release : January 2009
Developer : Whatsapp Inc.
Whatsapp, a cross-platform messaging service, provides facilities of making phone call, video call, sending text, videos to its user.Besides these a user can share his/her location through this platform.

Position : 02
Active Users: 2000 million.
Release : February 14, 2005
Here comes the second most popular social networking site. Youtube is an American video sharing website and is very popular to the users. users can upload videos of different categories on youtube. Rather, they can use “GO LIVE” system to share anything instantly as live telecast. Really an amazing platform of video sharing.

Position : 01
Active Users: 2375 million.
Release : February 4, 2004
Facebook, is an American Social Media Platform, is the most visited social media site in online. It is accessible through website and moblie application. Users can upload photos, videos, share events, memories in facebook. Everyday a user gives huge time on facebook. Haha, it becames a part and parcel of our daily activities.

N.B ==> Information is collected from statista , wikipedia and from internet. If you find any wrong notify me.

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