The Most Followed Instagram Accounts

most followed instagram accounts
most followed instagram accounts
most followed instagram accounts

Guys, before going to start this topic let me say something about Instagram. You may know that Instagram is the sixth most popular social networking site in the world. This social site had launched on October 6, 2010. Just in 9 Years it got users around 1000 million. An amazing shoot guys.

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Now come to the point. Today’s discussion is about – “The Most Followed Instagram Acocunts” . Great. So we are going to start that topic. Hm ?

Opening an Instagram account is very simple. here They followed two steps. If you have a facebook account then you can sign in through this account. Yeah.

But Guys have you ever think that how popular a person can become through Instagram ? Didn’t it make you wonder for a single second of time ? Can you imagine how much follower a person can have in Instagram ?

Here i am going to show you two pictures just for your better understand. Check these now –

The Most Followed Instagram Accounts
The Most Followed Instagram Accounts

This picture contains information of September 2019. And This information is provided by Statista. So what is the changes in October 2019.

Changes Happened In October 2019

Three major changes occurred in October 2019. These are mentioned below –

01) Changes in Followers.

02) Change in position between The Rock & Selena Gomez.

03) Change in position between Leo Messi & Beyonce.

So what are you waiting for baby let’s have a little discussion about these updated most followed instagram accounts.

10.) neymarjr

Neymar is a very popular Brazilian Football Player. He was born in 1992 in Brazil. He performs as a forward in field. He started his career in 2003 at a club. He is currently playing in Paris Saint Germain club.

His Instagram information is given below –

Account Name : neymarjr (Verified)
Occupation : Footballer
Country : Brazil
Total Post : 4566 posts
Followers : 128 million
Following : 1085
Website :
most followed instagram accounts
most followed instagram accounts

09) Beyoncé

She is one of the most popular American Singer, was born in Sptember 4, 1981 in Texas. From her childhood she had performed in many singing and dancing program. Though she performed in various program her fame came after 1990. However let’s check her Instagram statistics below –

Account Name : beyonce (Verified)
Occupation : Singer, actress,song writer
Country : USA
Total Post : 1817 posts
Followers : 134 million
Following : 0 people ( :p )
Website :
Youtube channel : Beyonce

08) leomessi

After Maradona, Leo Messi is considered as an another legend footballer not only in just Argentina but also in whole world. His eye-catching performance, great move, goal-setting attitude, speed, tactics of passing ball form one side to another make him a real superstar and most popular to among football lovers.

This Legendary Player was born om 24 June 1987 in Argentina. Guys let’s check his Instagram statistics too –

Account Name : leomessi (Verified)
Occupation : Footballer
Country : Argentina
Total Post : 527 posts
Followers : 134 million
Following : 227
Website :

07) kyliejenner

She is another most popular American media personality. Not just a media personality she is also a business magnet. Her full name is
Kylie Kristen Jenner and she was born on 10 August 1997 in California, USA. A very younger media personality. Guys you may wonder to hear that she has a cosmetics company named Kylie Cosmetics of her own.

She , later, started spreading her area. After cosmetics company she had brought an mobile app that ranked number one. Readers, are you becoming crazy ? Hm ? Okay guys, let’s check her Instagram statistics –

Account Name : kyliejenner (Verified)
Occupation : Model, Entrepreneur
Country : USA
Total Post : 6170 posts
Followers : 149 million
Following : 126
Website :

06) kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian, she is my one of the most favorite actress, was born on October 21, 1980  . She is American popular businesswomen as well as an actress too. She got her first business fame as a stylist by working with her friend Hilton. The name of that television series is The Simple Life.

Guys , talked a lot about her personal life. Now come back to the point. Let’s check her Instagram profile statistics –

Account Name : kimkardashian (Verified)
Occupation : Model, Businesswomen
Country : USA
Total Post : 4810 posts
Followers : 150 million
Following : 13
Website :

05) selenagomez

As her past ranking on Instagram she was in the fourth position. But after a little change she lose that position and ranked fifth most followed Instagram celebrities.

Selena Gomez, a cute lady, was born on July 22, 1992. She is most popular as a singer. Largest media networking sites started focusing on her when she performed a series named Barney & Friends. Let’s check her data on Instagram –

Account Name : selenagomez (Verified)
Occupation : Singer, song writer, actress, executive producer
Country : USA
Total Post : 1537 posts
Followers : 159 million
Following : 62
Website :

most followed instagram accounts
most followed instagram accounts

04) therock

As i mentioned earlier on this topic that a little change happened between The Rock and Selena Gomez’s ranking on Instagram, The Rock is now holding fourth position. Before that he was in fifth position of Instagram most followed accounts.

Dwayne Johnson , basically popular as The Rock to his followers. He is really a cool guy dude. Personally i love him from my childhood. First time i saw him on WWE. He picked my interest on that time.

However, let us know a little about The Rock. He was born on
May 2, 1972  in California, USA. He is an actor, producer, professional wrestler too. Amazed to see that ? Yes, that’s he. He is a very good actor and served many box office hit movie. Okay guys, let’s check his Instagram information –

Account Name : therock (Verified)
Occupation : actor, producer, professional wrestler.
Country : USA
Total Post : 4564 posts
Followers : 160 million
Following : 326 people
Website :

03) arianagrande

She is holding the third position as well. Do you know why she is so famous? Yeah, let me say – she is actually very popular because of her great vocal range. She also wins many awards. Let’s check her Instagram Information –

Account Name : arianagrande (Verified)
Occupation : Singer, song writer, actress.
Country : USA
Total Post : 4397 posts
Followers : 166 million
Following : 872 people
Website :

02) cristiano

Cristiano, another legendary footballer of current time, was born on
5 February 1985 in Portugal. He is considered as one of the best footballer like Leo. Ronaldo ( Cristiano Rnaldo ) started his club career at the age of 16. One year later he performed a great performance against Moreirense. Later than he joined Manchester United Club. Right now he is playing for Juventus Club.

Want to know a very interesting fact of him ?

He was , on the session of 2003-2004, highly paying teen age footballer. His transfer fee was just 12.24 million. Hahaha. Guys no more personal information is going to be shared. Let’s check his Instagram Statistics –

Account Name : cristiano (Verified)
Occupation : Footballer.
Country : POrtugal
Total Post : 2678 posts
Followers : 188 million
Following : 445 people
Website :

01 ) instagram

Waiting eagerly to know this baby ? Hahaha. I think you all who read this started thinking that what is this? Instagram ? Not a popular man/women, just its own on the first place?? Yeah , It you don’t want to believe got to Instagram and search for Instagram and see the result. The result you get like below –

most followed instagram accounts
most followed instagram accounts

See??? Instagram itself became the largest following accounts. ( 😛 ) . What it its statistics ? Let’s check this –

Account Name : instagram (Verified)
Occupation : null .
Country : USA
Type : Social Media Platform.
Total Post : 6091 posts
Followers : 315 million
Following : 226 people
Website :

Well. you see ? No one can go ahead of Instagram. But things can change any time. Position can change any time. Rank of Any body listed above may change if their followers factors changes. Guys don’t want to make this post too long. Let me finish here. <3

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