Top Tech Companies | 2019

The World's Most Youngest Billionaires | 2019
The World's Most Youngest Billionaires | 2019
The World’s Most Youngest Billionaires | 2019

In every single step of our lives we use technology. Rather you can say that we are very much technology dependent. Only one reason behind this is today’s technology has the power to make people enjoy their time. No matter where you are, no matter where you are living, if you have smart devices you can feel the entertainment.

But guys, have you ever think the back-end scenario how the tech companies are working tirelessly to make more better improvement of current technology? Have you ever think of that?

Okay guys, in this article i am gong to discuss about such tech companies.

Top Tech Companies | 2019

We all , who are involved with internet, know very well about Intel. Intel, an  American multinational technology company, is mainly known to all for its supplying processors ( microprocessors ) worldwide. Intel supplies processors for computer manufacturers.

Intel, established in 18 July 1968, founded by  Gordon Moore along with Robert Noyce. Do you know when was the first commercial microprocessor built? In 1971, Intel created it.

After that the uses of microprocessor increased a lot. Later Intel’s business in this category was expanded a lot and there were, there are, no strong competitor against Intel. Day by day Intel      

Products Intel Provide –   iGPU, Flash Memory, CPU Microprocessors, Motherboard Chip-set, Bluetooth Chip-set etc.

Market value of Intel is  : $234.73 billion

Top Tech Companies | 2019

Wait, what ? Alphabet ? Yes, It is a parent company of Google, also an another American multinational company. Though it is the fourth largest tech company but if you consider the revenue it is the fifth largest tech company.

It was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry page in 02 October 2015 , they are also the founders of Google. Main objective of Alphabet is to make Google’s business more cleaner and more accountable.

Market value of Alphabet is : $885.97 Billion Dollar.03 Microsoft

Top Tech Companies | 2019

Here comes the third giant tech company. Microsoft , founded by Bill Gates in 1975, is an American multinational technology company. Not just in technology section, Microsoft is also involved in share market.

Generally Microsoft is very popular for its windows operating system and also for its Office 365 features. What is Office 365 ?? Here is your answer man- Office 365 lets you use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, One Drive features.

These all are used for different purposes. As an example – word is used for writing any documents, for cv also included many features related to it.

With PowerPoint you can make your presentation, can customize your data with simple animation. And Excel?? It provides you a huge facility of doing sum with lots of function. With excel you can perform different action of mathematics.

Outlook lets you use email features. Besides this , you will be amazed to hear that Microsoft has a feature called One Drive by which you can store your data like google drive.

Services provided by – Bing ( a search engine ), LinkedIn ( a professional platform for job seekers ), Office 365, One Drive, Xbox Live etc.

Products of Microsoft – Windows, Skype, Office, Xbox. Market value of Microsoft : $9 95.324 billion

Top Tech Companies | 2019

Samsung takes control over maximum of the tech market specially through its smartphones. For its easy features and having lots of facilities, Samsung’s smartphones became very popular.

Samsung, the second giant in tech world, a wonder too. Products specially smartphones are very popular among users. Samsung, a South Korean Tech Company, established in 1938.

The interesting thing is Samsung was founded as a trading company not as like today’s tech company. It was founded by Late Lee Byung-chul who was considered as the most successful businessman in South Korea.

Products of Samsung : Electronic Components, Home Appliances, Telecommunications equipment etc.

Services it provides : financial services, advertising, communication technology, retail and many more.

Market Value Of Samsung Is 221.6 Billion Dollar.

Top Tech Companies | 2019

Apple, the giant of all technology company, is an American multinational tech company. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976.

Apple is so popular specially for Late Steve Jobs who was America’s one of the best business person as well as entrepreneur and investor. Steve Jobs enhanced the revolution of microcomputer.

Product of Apple : iPOd, iPad, iPhone, MAC, Apple Watch Apple TV, AirPods.

Application of Apple : Xcode, Logic Pro.

Other Services : iMessage, Apple Pay, Apple Pay Cash, Apple Card.

The main thing to give focus is Apple has its own App store which is known as Apple Store.

Market Value Of Apple is 963.33 Billion Dollar.

N.B==> The list is collected from Investopedia and all other data is from wikipedia and google. If you find any wrong notify me.

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