What Is Quora? A Short Discussion

What is quora?

What is quora? 

Quora is the most popular questions and answers site in the whole universe. A powerful q&a site indeed. In my personal opinion,  no other q&a sites can defeat quora easily. 

Quora has so many people as its users that no other sites can gain. I know there are many websites having tons of users. But quora is different from them. And the expanding is increasing rapidly. 

  Why the number of users of quora is increasing day after day and so rapidly? 

Why Quora is so popular to people?

I know how it is going bigger and bigger. The main fact of quora’s increasing is its the advantage of sharing link with comment. 

If you are a blogger or a website holder you can share you article link on quora’s posts. It also helps to create backlinks. 

A question comes in your mind. I know what it is brother. The question is – what is the benefit of sharing link on quora’s post? 

Yeah, isn’t it good to have traffic from a well known site? Will it destroy you?  Isn’t it a benefit for you? 

You know I have more posts on quora. I have answered  many questions. I have shared my article link on each of these posts. Thus i get website traffic from quora. 

But I want to share one more thing with you.  As the sharing option is okay for all of the users of quora, everyone will share their article link. Yah, it is natural. 

But do not share irrelevant content. Do not spam on quora. Quora is very strict about these issues. If you do so, quora will take the necessary steps to punish you. 

So what you want?  Want to punished by quora for spamming or doing something unofficial? 

Or want to get traffic and to build a good community on quora?         

Leave all of these. Now i am gonna show you another point of taking advantages from quora. 

As this is the largest questions and answers site,  you can ask anything you want on quora. Feel free to ask your questions.  Tag the relevant topics on your questions and then add people who are giving answers related to yours if possible. By tagging them a notification will be sent to them by quora for giving your answers.   

Thus you create more engagement for your question. And when they answer you will learn your asking thing. Besides, you can build a well writing community on quora. 

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