Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

Mega Post | Blogging Questions And Answers

Day by day many new blogs are opened. Most of them are opened for many purposes. No matter what the purposes behind starting a blog are, you have to face some problems if you are a beginner. 

Hi guys welcome back to Today,  In this article I tried to cover the most common questions that a blogger faces the most.  I will add more blogging questions if I find anything new except the questions I listed below. 

Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

1.What is a Blog? 

I have said it many times, yes many times. Blog is a diary. Yes it is almost a diary. In a blog, you can share everything like photos, images, videos, infographics etc. 

You can write anything on your blog. No one will ask you anything for this. Basically a blog is your virtual assistant. 

2.What is blogging? 

Wanna know the simplest answer? The process of writing in a blog is  blogging. You can write anything on your blog. But try to write niche related articles.

For your better understanding I put an article link here – What Is Blog? What Is Blogging? 

Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers
Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

3.How can  a blogger earn money from blogging?

Earning from blogging is a great way dear. There are many ways to earn money from blogging

To generate their revenue, maximum people use Google Adsense on their blog. If you are just looking for Ad Networks you can add alternative ad networks of Google to boost your network. 

Besides these, you can earn from the methods listed below – 

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Sell your own services.
  3. Ebook selling. 
  4. Tutorial Selling.

Check these articles for more information – 

  1. Best alternatives of Google Adsense.
  2. Earn Money With Google Adsense.

4. How to earn money from writing in a blog?

Yah you can earn money from blogging. There are multiple ways of earning actually. You can write for your own blog.

Again you can write in any other blog/website where they paid for writing. Just try it out.

Check the online market places for content writing – Learn Content Writing And Earn Money From Online 

5.How to make money online? 

Yeah. Actually there are multiple ways of earning money online. You can earn from youtube, blog, website, freelancing. Some people have keen interest to earn money from online. 

If you want  marketplaces for earning then Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer can be the best choices for you to start. But if you want to start by yourself then blog/website/youtube can be the best  choice for you.

Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers
Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

6.How much does it cost to create a better blog?

Actually it depends on you. The first thing to create a blog is to buy domain and hosting. 

Search on Google , you will get many domain hosting companies. Every company has different offers. Just choose one wisely and start your journey. 

Point two, if you want to install paid themes then you have to buy a theme for your blog. How much will it cost?

It depends on the theme. If the theme has many features, the price will be higher. If the theme has limited features, the price will be lower. Pick a theme now.

If you want to go for free then no extra money is needed for this. So overall, a minimum 120$ is a safe zone ( with a paid theme ).

Explore this article If you do not know anything about domain and hosting- Domain & Hosting | Your Detailed Guideline 

7. Why did you start blogging?

I have started blogging for nothing. Still I do not think of massive earnings. But a blog can define you exceptionally. 

You can share your fucking ideas on your blog. You spend money on a blog. You can do anything you want to. No one has the right to say something. Bold everyone with your wacky ideas. 

8. Is there any possibility for bangla blog to become popular in future? 

Sure, 100%… There are huge possibilities for bangla blogs to become popular. I see few bangla blogs are performing well. If you are an expert you are welcome in the blogging arena. 

Explore your skills and let other people know about you. You can guide them too through your blog.  It will create a look for you online. Try this man. 

Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

9. Can a blogger earn 1,00,000 per month?

Yes, he can. Even,he can earn more than this amount mentioned in this question. A good blog has many opportunities to boost their revenue. They know how to generate revenue in multiple ways

But to reach this peak you have to struggle and have to keep patient. Continue your smart work and one day success will come. Best of luck man.

10. What are the ways of earning from a blog?

I gave this answer above. Please check question no. 03. 

Or read this article How to generate revenue in multiple ways from a blog.  Thanks.

11.What are the terms and conditions to get approval from Google Adsense?

First of all, you must have a well organised and unique article of your own. Do not try to copy and paste posts from other blogs. For Google Adsense Approval you need to maintain these things – 

  1. High quality and unique content
  2. About me. Privacy policy pages on your blog.
  3. Responsive theme for all devices/platforms.
  4. Plagiarism free content. 
  5. Contents have more than 700+ words. Contents written with 1000+ words will far better than written in 700+ words.
  6. Maintain policy of adsense. Yah that’s it.

12.Can I use multiple ad networks on my blog?

Sure. You can do this. There are no such rules that you cannot use multiple ad networks. In my blog I used more than 3 ad networks. And still there is no problem I found. Know the best alternatives of Google Adsense.

13.What is affiliate marketing? Can I do it with my blog

 Affiliate marketing for beginners.

Let the answer be started with a definition of Wikipedia

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Yes you can do it on your blog. There are many affiliate marketing based blogs. Besides, it can be your earning source too. I also found some bloggers who love to do affiliate marketing instead of using Google Adsense as their earning source. You can make a huge amount of money with affiliate marketing.  

Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

14.Can i use youtube video on my blog?

Why not? I have used youtube videos on many posts. This is a good idea to attract a user. Sometimes users do not spend time on reading. Many of them love to watch videos  related to your article. Check this motion graphics video – Motion Graphics Portfolio.

15.What are the popular blog types?

Yah, finding  popular blog types will help you to understand what people are looking for. If you write on your blog something about people are not following then your blogging journey will be in vain.

Try to catch the trend. Go with people’s choice. Here I am going to tell you some popular blog types- 

=> Health & Fitness Blog

=> Tech Blog

=> DIY Blog

=> Sports Blog

=> News Blog

=> Finance Blog

=> Business Blog

=> Music Blog

=> Movie Blog

=> Fashion Blog

=> Food and Recipe Blog

=> Travel Blog

=> Lifestyle Blog.

=> Top Ten Blog / List Of Blog. 

16. Which CMS is the best for blogging?

Obviously WordPress. It has tons of facilities for you. Just install wordpress from your C panel and see how it can  help you. WordPress has many free themes, plugins for you.

Whenever you need to change the theme you can get new themes on their theme option. Besides, to run a blog you need to use plugins for different reasons. You will get your desired plugin from their plugin option. Just type a name and start searching. See the magic now. 😀 . 

Leave these now, You can use their schedule function for your blog post. If you do not like to publish a post immediately you can set  a schedule time for this post. WordPress will publish it automatically when the time will arrive.

Mega Post | Your All Blogging Questions And Answers

17. How to create a blog for free and make money?

Yah, that’s the most heard question ever. People want to create a blog for free. 

But many of them do not know the process of creating a blog for free. Okay, yes, you can create a free blog and  make money from your blog, totally free. 

Personally I will suggest two sites for you in this issue. First one is WordPress and the last one is Blogger. If you want to know which one will be the best of them, I will suggest you pick WordPress. You will get many features on WordPress which are not available on blogger. 

But here is a problem. You cannot make money with the free hosting service of WordPress. If you want to make money from a free blog, you should go for a blogger. Blogger allows you to earn from a free hosting service. So I hope you will get your answer.

Note :: Blogger is a product of Google. 

18. How to make money with google adsense?

Great. Since you are asking this, I hope you have knowledge of blogging. Right? The answer to this question is – just a simple step can make you earn from adsense.

Do you have a gmail account? If you have then go to Google Adsense , create your account with them, follow their next procedure, submit your blog. 

After doing all of these Google will review your blog/website. Maybe Google itself does not know how much time it will take to complete this action. Hahaha. 

No matter. Just wait for a few days. If you have good quality and unique content you will get approval within a few hours from adsense. I got my approval within 6 hours. Wow. 

After getting approval from AdSense you have to place ad code on your blog wisely. That’s it. This article can help you to understand everything about making money with Google Adsense.

Want to know more about this? Read this article. It will help you. 

Better NICHE For Beginners

19.Which niche is better for blogging? Types Of Blogs for Beginners.

There are many blog types. Such as health and fitness blog, tech blog, travel blog, fashion blog, DIY blog, food and recipe blog, news blog, sports blog, finance blog, business blog, photography blog, movie blog etc. 

 A new blogger became confused to select his niche at first. But all of these blog types, tech blogs perform well. Besides this niche you can work with health, fitness, and gym too. Choice is yours. 

Do not just go for popular one. Ask yourself which one is suitable for you. Which information do you  know the most? 

20. How to write an informative blog post? Blog Post Examples For Beginners

In order to write informative blog posts you have to collect your blog post related  information first. Collect them from trusted sources. Describe them point by point with your own writing style on your blog.

 Add videos on your articles if you can. Try to keep your article  concept clear. Make your content easy to read. That’s all. Oh, I forgot to tell you something. Add podcast on your article.

Many times it has been seen that people love to hear podcasts rather than to read content. 

What About Bengali Language?

21.Can i do blogging in bangla language?

Yes brother, you can blog in the Bangla language. There is no obstacle actually. Even Google AdSense also supports bangla language.

If you are poor at English , do not be disappointed. Start blogging with bangla tongue, write high quality content, start earning from adsense. Best of luck.

22.Does google adsense support blog written in bangla language?

Yes it does. I have given it’s answer above. Check it please. 

23.What is the standard blog post word limit?

That is a great question man. A fucking thing to remember for all bloggers. A blogger must have to know this damn shit. Generally, you can write posts as you wish.

Your blog post can be made of 300+ words or 3k+ words. It depends on you. But if you want to know the standard word limit of a blogpost i will suggest you to write a blog post more than 700+ words.

It will also help you do SEO for your blog. Personally i use this formula – 

 Word Limit For Small Post – Minimum 700+ 

 Word Limit For Large Post – Maximum as you can. ( Make sure it is informative ).

24.What was your first blog post? What was the topic of your blog post?

YEahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! You want to know about this nonsense sh*t of me. Hahaha.  I have started my blogging with …

But I did not know that it was a blogging platform. :p .. People can write here without any hesitation. Just create an account and start writing there. My first post was about – “sorry i forgot it”. Skip this question now.

Low Traffic? Know the reasons now.

25.What are the reasons for losing traffic? Why has my organic search dropped? Sudden Drop In Website Traffic.

It’s an important question at all. There are many reasons for losing traffic. Sudden drop in website traffic may bring bad results for your blog. If you want to know my opinion about this question i will suggest you not to avoid this – 

  1. Use Email Subscription.
  2. Use a responsive theme.
  3. Try to make an internal link.
  4. Do not change permalink several times. It is a bad sign of losing traffic.
  5. Use attractive infographics or videos on your blog.

Check this article for more information about this – Reasons Why Your Blog Is Losing Traffic. 

26.How to increase blog traffic? Or How to increase blog traffic fast?

     Just do the things I mentioned on 26 no. question. Best of luck. 

27. Is SEO important for a blog? SEO for bloggers.

This is too crucial for a blog. Yes, crucial. Without SEO your blog is nothing but a handicapped. :p . Try to do SEO always.  Why is it so important? 

To rank higher on Google, to rank a blog post on the first page of Google you must have to do SEO. On the other hand, SEO will also help you to generate organic traffic for your blog. 

Content Writing As A Career.

28. Can blogging be a good career? Or Can blogging be a career?

Ahh!.. What are you talking about man? What? Blogging is blogging because it is blogging . Holaaa!!!! Surprise?

Blogging can be a good career. There are many bloggers who do nothing but blogging and earn huge amounts of money from their blog. 

Blogging is their only earning source. A professional blogger gives his time on blogging, not on doing a job.  But everyone’s situation is not equal. Consider your mental power and your present situation then decide whether to take it as a career or not. 

29. What are the advantages of a blog? Advantages of using a blog.

Guys…. Let me take a deep breath. Husssh! . You wanna know the advantages of blogging? If you have a blog you will get the lamp of Aladdin. Do not understand what I am saying? Check out these-

=> A blog can be your extra income source

=> A blog can be your portfolio.

=> You can explore yourself to the world if you have a blog.

=> Want to generate multiple income from one place? Yes, a blog is the best answer to this question.

=> You can keep all your memories on your blog. Whenever you want, you can check them within a minute. In  my blog I have created a menu named “My Diary”. Here I will keep all my personal memories. 

Best Free WordPress Theme

30. What are the best wordpress themes for blogging? Best Free WordPress Themes.

Themes are important for blogging. A theme helps to decorate your blog outlook. Maximum people see the interface of a blog. If it is not good, many of them will not come for the next time.

 That is why you will lose  your returning visitors. If you are a wordpress user you will get many free themes from their theme option. Which one will you install for your blog?

Which are the best wordpress themes?

Wait for a while. Do not be in a hurry. I am giving its answer, okay? 

Here is the  list of best wordpress themes – 

=> Typology

=> Divi

=> Magnus Photoblog Theme 

=> Hemingway

=> Hero Theme

=> Unus Publisher 

=> Modern Studio Pro Theme 

=> Eleven40 Pro Theme

=> Lifestyle Magazine 

=> The Blogger 

=> Foodie Pro

=> Morning Time 

=> Writing

Yah, you may find many more themes are useful besides these themes I listed above. Choose what suits the best for you. 

31. I do not have a domain and hosting. How can I start a blog? Or How to start a blog with no money.

This is the highest voltage question I have ever heard of a man. Everyone who has a little interest in blogging are the people who ask this question several times. 

Well, the answer is Yes man, yes, you can start your blogging with no money. 

 Do not worry if you do not have a domain and hosting. Blogger and WordPress give you the opportunity to create a free blog. Another question may come from a beginner. vs blogger. Which one is the best between Blogger and WordPress?

My suggestion is – go for wordpress. You will get many options for your blog customization. 

What about Fashoin Bloggers?

32. What are the best fashion bloggers?

Oh man, if you ask me this question, that means you are aware about fashion and style. You love them. Am I right? No? Yamm, maybe be. :p :p ..

Do you want to  know the list of the best fashion bloggers? Here is your list man-

=> Chrissy Ford

=> Lizzy 

=> Hannah Crosskey

=> Sabina Socol,

=> Modest Amira

=> Ellie

Discover more fashion bloggers from this article. Enjoy.

33.What are the best travel blogs?

Travelling is a very good thing mental freshness. ( My personal opinion ). Again many people travel in  many places to discover the hidden things that they did not know.

Many of them are adventurous. They do not about obstacles. All they care about discovering new things and places. 

Guys the interesting thing is many travellers share all of their adventures and travelling experiences on their blog.

That is why people can get a good idea of travelling from their blogs. Now let’s check the list of the best travel blogs below-

=> Adventurous Kate

=> Amateur Traveler

=>Backpacking Matt

=>Gaijin Crew

=>Be My Travel Muse

=> The Blonde Abroad

Discover more travel blogs  from this article.

Find out the best Gym Blogs

34.What are the best fitness/gym  blogs?

Fitness is important to make yourself attractive in front of others. Yes man, people are now aware about their fitness. The number of people going to the gym is increasing day after day. 

Not only the  boys but also girls are participating. Again people of different ages also follow routine to keep their body fit.

In order to keep body fit many of us search online to get information about this. There are many blogs that provide information about fitness and gym. What are the best fitness blogs? Guys check this out now- 

=>Nerd Fitness

=> Workout Mommy

=>Fit Bottomed Girls


=>MyFitnessPal Blog

=> Life By Daily Burn: Fitness

Discover more fitness blogs from this article. 

35.What are the best health blogs?

Health is an important thing for all of us. There are many health blogs. From these blogs people get information about health.

But the question is ‘which are the best blogs’, right? Here is your  list man – 

=> Delish Knowledge

=> The Real Food Dietitians

=>  My Fitness Pal 

=> Fit Bottomed Girls

=> Fit Foodie Finds

Read this article for more information  and to view the list of health blogs.

36.What are the best music blogs?

:/ :/ you want to know this? Well check this list below – 

=> Pitchfork

=> Your EDM

=> Consequence of Sound

=> Metal Injection

=> Pigeons and Plans 

=> EDM

=> Song Exploder

For more information on the music blog list visit this article. 

What about Tech Blogs?

37.What are the best tech blogs?

Maximum people love to start a technology blog. It is also a hot niche in the blogging world. There are reasons behind it. What people search for the most is technology. But guys if you are a new blogger you cannot be the best tech blogger for the first time.

 Because there are also some famous tech bloggers. They are the boss, they have been providing massive information about technology for many years . Wanna know the best tech blogs name? Here you go-

=> Techmeme

=> TechCrunch

=> MIT Technology 

=> Technology Lab 

=> ReadWrite

=> VentureBeat

=> Recode

For  more information on tech blogs check this article. 

38.What are the best interior design blogs?

Who does not love design? A good design is able to catch your attention. There are some design lovers who let  you see designing concepts through their blogs. Want to discover some of the best interior design blogs? Here is your list man –

=> All Sorts Of


=> Wit & Delight

=> EyeSwoon

=> Old Brand New

=> Coco Lapine Design

=>Apartment 34

Check more information of interior design blogs with details from this article.  

Check online for more information. 

39. What are the best photography  blogs?

You are a photographer? Love to take photos? Or are you interested in finding blogs providing photography information? 

Do not worry dear. I am going to show you some of the best photography blogs. These blogs are full of helpful information and are filled with useful photography related news. Here is your list –

=>  Feature Shoot 

=> Chase Jervis 

=> Richard Bernabe

=> Joe McNally 

=> Davis duChemin

=>  Depositphotos  Blog

=> Ken Kaminesky 

Wanna discover more photography blogs? This article is going to help you.

Blog And Content. Is there any relationship?

40. What is the relation between blog and content?

Wanna know about their relationship? They are like husband and wife. 😀 . Simple thing – without content your blog is nothing. And if there is no content visitors will come once not twice to your blog. 

Because they find nothing special on your blog. Having some good quality content makes your blog more valuable to your visitors.

If these contents are informative they will be beneficial and come again. That is the easy way(!) to get returning visitors. 

So I hope it makes sense to you. 

41.How important is content for a blog?

Content is king, content is everything. 

Without content your blog is nothing. 

This is a nice poem, isn’t it? 

42.What is content writing? Or Content Writing For Beginners.

Content writing is an important part of Digital Marketing. Content writing is a detailed description of a particular topic. Topics can vary from blog to blog and person to person. 

This could be a product review,  could be an e-book, could be a blog or website article. Content writing is the most informative thing you will publish on a particular topic. Typically a content is written with 500-1000 words or 2000+ words.

For More Detailed Discussion You Can Check This Article Based On  What is Content Writing ? How To Learn Content Writing In 2019? Step By Step Guideline

Is it possible to do blogging without content?

43.Can I do blogging without content?

Hahaha dear,are you  kidding me? I can’t stop laughing. Read the question no. 41,42 and 43. Even a movie blog has content. Do not worry about the size of the content.

You can write small or large content depending on your blog niche. But on your blog, content is a must to have for you. 

44.Do I need a content writer to start a blog? Is it mandatory to have a content writer?

Hmm, You can start a blog at any time. But the fact is to get content. If you are a content writer yourself then you do not need any content writer for your blog or website.

But man, if you do not have enough time to write or if you have no idea of content writing then you can hire a content writer for your blog. That is simple. 

45.How to write high quality content for a blog? Or How To Create Quality Content?

Content is important but high quality content is more important. Do you understand the fact? Actually, my friend, there are many factors of high quality content.

You have to follow them. If you are a newcomer on the ocean of content writing these things will not make any sense for you for the first time. You have to practise them everyday. 

What are these things to follow in order to write  high quality content?

=> Keyword Research is the most crucial thing to create high quality content. 

=> Who are your targeted audience?

=> Try to catch the Google Trend.

=> Write Content that will be beneficial for visitors.

=> Follow what your competitors are looking for. 

=> Write Great Headlines

=> Optimize your content, images.

=> Write, write, write and write. The more you write the better your writing will be. 

What about unique content?

46. What is unique content? Unique content meaning.

While making high quality content for your blog you have make sure that all of these contents are unique. Opps! It seems you do not  know about unique content. What is unique content.?

It means the contents are authentic and original. Contents are not duplicated. Well, unique content also plays a vital role in search ranking. 

47.How to check plagiarism of content?

Simple. There are many free tools available online to check plagiarism. If you find plagiarism on your content, fix them soon. Try to keep your content net and clean. Google will value your blog.  

48.How to develop writing skills? I am a blogger. How can I improve my blog content writing? How to develop content writing skills? Creative writing skills.

Very good questions as well. You are a blogger and you want to develop your writing skills, right?

Yes man, developing writing skills will sharpen your writing style. Without any introduction, let’s talk about the ways of developing writing skills. 

=> Write Regularly

=> Read about what you want to write.

=> Make A Draft Of Your Article. Why? If you need to change any point you can easily do it. 

But what else will happen if you do not have a copy of your writing? Haha, you have to write this again. This will damage your valuable time man.

=> Use Attractive Titles. 

=> Provide a clear idea.

=> Try to enrich your vocabulary.

=> Do not enhance the sentences with irrelevant topics.

Besides these there are many things to follow in order to develop your writing skills. Read This Article For more detailed discussion – Develop Your Writing Skills In 2019. 

Digital Marketing And Blogging

49. Is Digital Marketing important for a blog? Is it mandatory to do digital marketing for a blog?

Haha dude. You will make me mad if you still do not know a little about digital marketing. The most important and the most growing sector is Digital Marketing.

If you have a blog or business or if you are looking for your brand/business/blog/website promotion through online digital marketing will be your one and only answer. 

No matter where you are living, you can get an audience from your targeted country with the help of digital marketing.

I am not gonna make it long here. If you are interested to know more about digital marketing you can check this article – What Is Digital Marketing? Your  Optimum Guideline .

Is it Mandatory or not?

:p :p .. You opened a business and till now people know nothing about your business. What will happen to your business? Do you understand my point? 

How can you make money If you have no customers? Who will buy your product? How can you overcome this problem? What will you have to do for this? 

The answer is “Digital Marketing”. Any doubt?

SEO for Blog. Is it important?

50.What action SEO performs for a blog? Or SEO for blogs.

Here comes another hot cake of Digital Marketing. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. 

This is really really very important for your blog. If you want to rank higher on Google, want to rank your blog post, want to get organic traffic then SEO is the main key for you to do.

Without SEO you cannot do these things. 

51.How to rank a post on Google? Or how to rank higher on google?

Want to rank your blog post on google? Want to get traffic from google search?

If your answer is Yes then do SEO. Yes SEO. SEO can help you better to rank on google. Besides this, let me share some tips for you.

=> Write High Quality Content

=> Try to make unique content.

=> Try to follow what  your competitors are doing.

=> Try to write longer blog posts. 

Best blogging sites for you.

52.Which site is the best to start a blog for free?

Actually you can use many CMS ( Content Management Software ) for free blogs. 

They give you the opportunity to create a blog for free. Though there are many platforms, maximum people love to use WordPress and Blogger.

By the way,  here I want to add a point. Blogger is a product of google. Google allows you to create a free blog with them by using blogger.

53. How to promote a blog or blog post? Or How to promote a blog  for free?

Yah, it is important for a blogger to promote his  blogpost. Why is it important?? If you want to get social media traffic or want to make your post viral you have to promote your blog post. 

Besides, if you have a good community based on your niche on different social sites then you can promote your post on these platforms.

It will create a good impact and create more engagement for your blog. On the other hand if it is informative one and  beneficial for your audience, many of them will share it on their social platforms. So why do you stop yourself from promoting? 

Is it important to do social media marketing for blog promotion?

54.Is Social Media Marketing important for a blog? Or, Importance of social media for blogs.

Hahaha, social media marketing is an important part of Digital Marketing. If you are looking for referral traffic for Your blog, looking to build good communication  in social networking sites then social media marketing is badly needed. 

55. I am a student/housewife. Can I do blogging? 

Sure guys. Everyone can do blogging. Just your willpower is enough to bold this blogging journey. 

I can give you some tips. If you are a housewife you can create a recipe blog. You can share your recipes. 

If you are a student you can create a study blog. You can share everything related to study. It will be loved by knowledge hunter people.  Hell yeah.😍�😍          

56. How much time do I have to spend blogging per day?

There is no limitation actually. You can give 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 hours a day. If you are a jobholder, you will not get enough time for blogging. Maybe you Will get ¾ hours. 

But if you are a student you will get enough time for blogging.  But my suggestion for you is to give a minimum of four or five hours per day. Because no one wants to see their blog going down. Right? 

Want to sell your own product through your blog?

57. Can I sell my own product on my blog?

Why not? You have full permission to do anything with your blog. You can sell your services If you have anything to share with people or anything by which a person will be benefited. 

58. What is blog writing?

In a simple word, writing for blog is known as blog writing. If you have a blog, you have to provide a post for it. Because post/content is the life of a blog. 

Guys what are you thinking now? Did you ever face these questions? Did you search answers for these questions?

Did these 50+ blogging questions and answers help you to find your exact answers? If you think it is helpful, share this article on your social networks.

 If you think that it is not helpful, comment below this post and describe the issue need to focus on. 

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