YouTube Marketing Strategy In 2019 – Your Complete Guide To Youtube Marketing

Youtube Marketing - Things You Need To Know

Youtube Marketing Strategy / Youtube Video Marketing Strategy

Well , Many of us know a little bit or more about Digital Marketing. One of the most important parts of digital marketing is youtube video marketing. Youtube marketing also helps you to promote your content. Many digital marketers do their content marketing through making videos on youtube. That is why the importance of youtube video marketing is very high.

The burning question is how you can do youtube marketing ? Haha give me time to share some tips for youtube marketing. 

To perform this marketing method you need to create a youtube account first. That’s fine if you already have one. Let’s start – 

Choose Your Niche – What will you do after making your new account ? You will start making content for your channel, right ? Yes, But one thing you have to focus on is niche. What is your niche ? If you work with a single niche it will be easy for you to pick users attraction. You can also choose multiple niche but there is a problem with it. Subscribers of your channel will hesitate to watch videos. Thus you will lose a great audience. So if you are willing to promote your business or blog content try to select a single niche.

Research your audience –  Well, you have chosen your niche. Now find your targeted audience based on your chosen niche. If you fail to do that you can’t promote and can’t make  huge engagement on your video. Again if you select the wrong audience then it will also bring negative results for you. So the importance of finding the right audience is very much crucial. And you have to research a lot to get your targeted audience. It’s not that easy you are thinking. Take your time and work diligently. Give your best and find out your right audience. 

Create Amazing Thumbnails – Thumbnails that appear as a cover of your video. For each of your videos you have to make separate thumbnails. Thumbnail is important for your videos. Because your subscribers don’t see what is inside the video at first. What they  see at first is your video thumbnail. Later many of them decide whether they will watch this video or not. ( :p ) . So, try to make an amazing thumbnails. Thus you can attract your subscribers and increase your engagement.

Create Regular Content – Another important point. You should publish your content regularly. What’s the importance of publishing content regularly ? Yes, my friend , publishing content regularly will drive your audiences to your content regularly and it will also increase your stay in touch with your targeted people. Not only that, it will also help you getting positive views from search engines. 

Logo For Your Brand Awareness : In order to make awareness for your brand you can use logo on your youtube videos. Many famous youtuber use this method. Look at other business or market every organization has a unique logo. Many people identify a company through its logo. So have a logo plays an important part for brand promotion as well as for creating brand awareness. If you don’t have then create it and start using it. 

Limit Times For Videos : Here is another important thing. People on youtube published long length videos. Many of them think long videos will perform better and can create more engagement. But unfortunately it is not right. The first thing is you have to make videos according to your chosen niche. The length of video actually depends on niche. If you are running a short film based youtube channel then the length could be 18 to 25 minutes. If your channel is hand made craft or tech related then the length could be 4 to 10/11 minutes. Again if your channel is music based then 4/5/6 minutes is perfect time for your video. Wait a minute here. According to a research, people love to watch 7-10 minutes videos.

Include Call To Action Method : It is a very interesting way. By using this you can generate more engagement on youtube. It can help you get more subscribers and likes on your videos. The more subscribers you have the more opportunity you will get for your brand promotion.

Youtube marketing
Youtube marketing

Video description and hashtags : Use a short but meaningful video description. Describe what you want to show in 250 to 300 words on your video as a short paragraph. But provide this paragraph in such a way so that people will find it more meaningful. Then give hashtags related to your content. Don’t ignore hashtags. Hashtags is also important. It increases your search value on youtube. That’s why always try to give some hashtags.

 Share Videos through Social Media : Social media has a great power to make your content viral. In my other articles I have already mentioned that social media is important for us. After publishing your videos on youtube youtube will give you some sharing options. Make the best uses of it. Share it in all social sites. Let other people know about your content. If they don’t know then how will they reach to you ? How will you promote your brand to them? Lots of people are on social sites. Just focus on your targeted audience and spread your content to them and see the impact man. 

Use Blog and Websites : Besides social media sites you can share your content on your blog or websites. If you have a blog / websites please make the best use of this opportunity. Because everyday many people visit a blog. They will see your video and interested people will start watching. It will create bonus point for you. From blog m/ websites you will get extra audience. In this way you can reach to more people. 

Email : You can collect email for video marketing. Email list will help you in many ways. If you have a list then save it on your drive. After publishing your content on youtube you can send them your content link through email. An easy and short method to get more audience for your content. 

Work With Other Youtubers : Yeah, personally i love this way of video marketing. By doing this tricks you will get more people from youtube. And you can make your own community large. When you start working with other youtubers they will also do work for you. Some of them can share your content on youtube. The more you work with other youtubers  the more scope you will get to make a large community. And the larger your community become the greater opportunity will come for brand promotion. 

Use annotations, end screen and other : After publishing a video on youtube you will get some extra features through its advanced settings. Set all these features on. End screen will show more videos of your channel. Before ending your running video end screen will come and it shows other videos of your channel. If subscribers are interested then they will pick their interested one from end screen. 

Arrange your videos into playlists : There is an extra feature of youtube.You can make a playlist on youtube or even more. When you are about to publish your content you can put them into your playlist. Through your playlist subscribers can easily watch videos of same category. 

SEO : The most and most important part of the youtube video marketing. Let’s talk about this. SEO will help you to get more traffic or visitors to your channels. Not just traffic SEO also helps  in ranking. Do a proper SEO , grow your youtube ranking. Suppose your channel is well SEO optimized. When people search anything on youtube your video related to their search keyword will show in first page. That’s the way by which you can get more visitors to your videos. And it also helps you to promote your content through video.

Youtube Marketing - Things You Need To Know
Youtube Marketing – Things You Need To Know

Things You Need To Focus On Before Publishing a Video On Youtube.

1. Never try to copy others one or full concept. If you do so , one day you will be banned for copyright strike. One of my friends account has been suspended for this. So i am just creating awareness for you. This is why making unique content is very much important for all youtuber. 

2. Try to make content that can capture people of all ages. Don’t use anything that can remove attraction of your audiences.

Youtube Music Library

3. Youtube never supports copyright music. But That’s not a problem at all. I am giving you a solution here. Go online and search like this “royalty free youtube music”. Then download your desired music from any of these sites. Then start making your youtube videos. Or you can use another alternative. Youtube also provides many free music for its users. You can download music from their music library. The interesting thing is that you can listen to these songs. So if you find your suitable music then  download it from youtube and use it in your videos.

4. Now you added music on your video. Now time to set other things. Video resolution must  be in HD mode.

5. Never make your intro larger than 10 seconds. Maximum youtuber use 10 seconds intro for each of their videos. So try to make your intro in 10 seconds. 

6. Now the important part comes. Time length of your video is also important. How long should a video be ? Actually it depends on your niche. It could be 4 to 6 minutes. Again if you are presenting a short film it could be 18-25 minutes. But there is a point if your video is technology related then try to make it under 10 minutes and always try to keep your audience till the end of your video.

7. Try to use your own logo or watermark in your videos. If you don’t have then create it. The benefit of using your logo is to protect it from mixing. Suppose other people started copying your content. They cut and paste some parts of your videos. But if you have set a watermark or logo they can’t remove it and you can easily identify your videos. You can claim it later. 

8. Don’t make any video that can harash other people or can damage other people’s reputation. Youtube never support these types of content. Better try to be unique with your niche.

9. Don’t do spamming on youtube. It will bring negative impact for your youtube channel.

10. Don’t publish anything related to porn. Youtube strictly handle this. Your channel could be suspended because of this. So try not to do that. 

Conclusion – 

Methods  mentioned above are very much important for youtube video marketing. The more you learn the more you gather experiences. There is no boundary of learning. You will see many new things day after day. Try to cope up with the situation and work smart to get your success. 

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